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The Simple Things: The Story of a Cardboard Box

It's the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary. - Paulo Coelho The Story of a Cardboard Box The story begins. A shuts... A window... Another window... Or maybe a peephole...or a letterbox... The story continues in the imagination and play of a … [Read more...]

Always running

Immy is always running. She never chooses to walk. Instead her little legs pump along at a trot until she comes to an abrupt stop. I used to say, "Slow down," afraid that she would fall. And then I heard a friend say in response, almost under her breath, "No Immy, don't slow down." When I asked … [Read more...]

‘Reading’ with Toddlers

We are reading...catalogues...junk mail... and magazines! Immy loves books. She will sit and peruse their pages all by herself. She will accost visitors with her current favourite read and a sweet smile so that they will read to her (not once but at least five times!) She will not miss her books … [Read more...]

Handmade Knitted Cupcakes

I have embarked upon a journey of knitted cupcakes! I found the pattern online at Panda Yarns and thought that a set of cupcakes would make a lovely addition to Immy's tea set. Visitors to our home are made welcome with a cup of tea from her little tea set which she adores playing with. The … [Read more...]

Loving …

I fell in love with these wooden pieces for making letters after seeing them on The Write Start. They can be purchased at Handwriting Without Tears, where they are described as follows; The Wood Pieces Set and activities help children develop fine motor, social, vocabulary and letter formation … [Read more...]

Child Care in the News…Again!

I wonder how many parents realise that 10 toddlers can be left in the care of an untrained, teenage child care worker and the centre would not be breaking the law.* This question is raised in an article from The Australian which I read last week entitled, "Who's minding the kids?" It is scary … [Read more...]