A Mother’s Fear

Immy slipped in the bath last night. Fortunately she didn’t bang her head or suffer any great injury but she did come up spluttering and coughing after taking on water.

Shortly after, when I was putting her to bed I couldn’t help worrying about the slip and more importantly, the water. Some time ago I saw an episode of Oprah where they were talking about dry drowning and ever since I worry myself sick about any water related incidents. I am sure it is an irrational fear. I tell myself I am being silly. But still I worry. I usually don’t go in to her room during the night but last night I knew that I would keep checking to see that she was alright. She is fine.

I can no longer bear watching episodes of Law & Order and other dramas when they involve children being hurt or injured. I am skim reading my latest Jodi Piccoult book as I cannot bear to fully read the scenes where the little girl with OI is injured. I recently read a blog post about a toddler who died of SIDS and I have worried more about Immy and SIDS ever since.

Is it just me or do all Mums feel a heightened sense of fear for their child? What is it that makes us worry so? Will my fear and anxiety reduce as Immy grows or will it increase as she makes her way out into the world without us? Why didn’t anyone warn me that motherhood would be so hard?

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  1. SquiggleMum says:

    Thanks for sharing this post Christie. I think as mums we all feel at times that our hearts are now walking around outside of our own bodies! I have certainly found it easier to relax with my second born. Things that sent me into a frenzy with my daughter I deal with much better with my son. And I think I'm loosening up a bit as my daughter gets older too. I think…

  2. Kathryn - MamaBoo says:

    Oh, I completely agree with that statement "as mums we all feel at times that our hearts are now walking around outside of our own bodies". For the first two years of my daughter's life I avoided even watching the news.

  3. I am in the same boat as you. I can no longer read or listen to news items that involve hurt, injured or the death of children. I too worry about things like this and our 'Mummy' brains can't help but take on all information and then expand it to the worst case scenario.

  4. I have heard about the dry drowning…It's SCARY to think they could drown in their sleep in their beds. My oldest just turned 13, and I still worry about him like crazy. I don't think that fear will ever go away, but we do have to trust that they will be o.k. I pray that their angels are with mine all the time, and trust that God is ALWAYS with them. It only shows that you are a mom.

  5. Christie Burnett says:

    Thank you for your comments, it certainly sounds like there is no relief in sight anytime soon!

    Cath, I love that comment,'all feel at times that our hearts are now walking around outside of our own bodies,' that describes it exactly!


  6. My kids are adults and I still worry about them, and now my 2 grand-daughters as well but isn't that all part of loving them too? So glad that Immy is okay.

  7. HeatherOz says:

    I have the exact same worries. Big ones for me are also sids and dry drowning! My babe took a big drink at the pool the other day and I worried and checked her all night too. And what is the deal with sids? I thought the risks were supposed to be DRAMATICALLY less after 6 months! I have heard of older babies dying of sids too. I worry about everything any way and I don't see it getting any better as my babes get older!!!

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