Oh well, it has to be washed anyway!

I have always tried to maintain an easygoing attitude when it comes to Immy getting messy.

She gardens,
jumps and splashes in puddles, plays with sand and mud,
and feeds herself, yes, even baked beans.
But we haven’t braved painting yet!

I always try to tell myself that it doesn’t matter as “it has to be washed anyway” when it comes to dirty clothing, faces, hands and feet.

Which seems to work MOST of the time.

For example, late this morning we got back from grocery shopping, unpacked the shopping and then Immy needed a nappy change.

After changing her nappy, instead of putting her jeans back on I thought I would change her into some comfy pants, as it was almost time for lunch followed by  her rest. So I put on a pair of clean trackpants and off we went. I noticed that the sun had come out (we have had a lot of rain here over the past week or so) and so I suggested to Immy that we pop outside to check how our vegetables growing in the garden were doing. We popped on her wellington boots and I tucked her pants into them so that they will stay clean and dry, and off we went.

We were only out a couple of minutes when Immy disappeared around the corner back onto our paved area. I followed her around and find her pulling out handfuls of the long, wet wintergrass that has popped up between the pavers. ‘No problem,’ I think, ‘I will just put on a dry top for her to sleep in,’ as her arms and hands are now wet from the very wet grass. Then I foolishly go back around the corner to check how our vegetable plants have weathered the recent storms.

I am only gone a minute, but it is long enough. She discovered a puddle, a very small puddle, but a puddle nonetheless. She is stomping in it. ‘No problems,’ I think, relieved that I put on the wellington boots.

Then she bends over and is splashing her hands in the very small puddle. ‘No problems,’ I think, her top already needs changing.

Then she…. SITS in the puddle!

For a split second I think, ‘AAAARGH, they were clean, dry pants.’ But it only lasts that second, before I laugh it off and take her inside to find more clean, dry pants, a clean, dry top and some lunch. Needless to say, she wore her largest bib during lunch and we didn’t have baked beans!

What is your attitude to children and mess?

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  1. There is nothing I can do about Kez, she gets filthy the second we step out the front door. She loves mud and dirt and water too much I think so I don't try and stop her unless we're going out somewhere!

  2. Christie Burnett says:

    We need to invent an outer plastic layer that covers all of their clothing that can just be removed when we need to leave the house!

  3. we used to have these as kids think they were called a "puddle suit" will have to ask mum what called and where she got them from (born in 1971, lived in Victoria Australia) not sure if you can still buy but was long arm long leg all in one coveralls with thin nylony plasticy feel like a thin raincoat/sailing jacket. Washable. Zip up the front. I assume waterproof?

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