From my notebook…being present

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  1. Narelle Nettelbeck says:

    I have days like this too…..I'm home all the time with my boys but I usually have other kids around and then when they leave I've got washing to fold, dinner to cook….I'm here always, all day every day, 24 hrs a day; but some days I wonder, "Am I REALLY here for my children?"

  2. Like Narelle, I am always here, but as my youngest son's speech therapist gently showed me, I wasn't being present. And now I make a conscious effort to be. But not all the time. It isn't always constructive to be at their beck and call. You sound like you are doing a wonderful job and are present in creative and innovative ways. I love the way you wrote this post.

  3. Often times I catch myself answering my girls without realizing what they are saying- it's nice to stop and think about it and make an effort to truly be present- while ther is still time to be. 🙂

  4. balance is never an easy thing to find. I was all over my daughter when she was really little but as she got closer to two I backed off a bit and when her brother had arrived at 27 months she was somewhat independent. I had to 'train' her to have some her time. Now that she is 3.5 I think she is my shaddow again.

  5. SquiggleMum says:

    It is enough.
    She has enough.
    And you are enough.

  6. It's important to be present, but it's also important for kids to have the beneficial experience of not being the centre of attention 24/7. To my mind, being present isn't giving 100% of your attention and engagement every minute of the day to your kids. It's being aware, being sensitive to the times they do need that focused involvement, and being available. And doing your own things too, in their proximity!

  7. Have another baby and then when your not present he/she will be! SIMPLE! 🙂 Tanya xx

  8. really thought provoking… its a struggle to find the right balance between letting them play independently and playing with them…..

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