THOSE days!

Today I had one of THOSE afternoons.

Anyone who is a Mum knows what I mean when I say “THOSE!” You know, the ones where you have so much planned and a plan to get the planned activities done and then, of course, the plans just don’t pan out as you planned!

Like this afternoon.

Sleep time, great, I have so much to do – a post to finish, an appointment to receive an important phone call, emails to deal with, etc, etc, etc.

So this afternoon, instead of her uninterrupted 2 hour sleep, Immy decides to wake after 30 minutes, with a poo!

Change poo, resettle toddler, try to sneak out so not to reawaken her. Noisy motorbike squeals past.

Toddler re-awakens, resettle again, hand holding, rocking, sshh-ing, and then she says (in her sweet little voice) “sing” and of course, knowing that at that moment my phone is quite likely ringing, I don’t feel like singing right now and I can feel the muscles in my neck getting tighter and tighter as my frustration level rises.

Doesn’t she know I have so much to do, why today of all days?

Then I remember, this is why I choose to stay home. This is my priority. All the other stuff will still be there later, it’s not going anywhere.

And neither am I, after all I would rather be here to hear her demand request to ‘sing’ than have her requesting it of someone else, or worse (to me) to imagine her crying for someone to sing to her with no one there.

I am a mother, I am this small girl’s mother, I want to be the best damn mother I can be.

And so I sing.

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  1. Yes, I too have those days. Makes me want to pull my hair out until I remember that I can get things done after 8 when the kids have gone to bed. Apparently I don't need sleep.

  2. awww. u must have sung well then. :)
    the things we do for our children.

  3. Lovingmums says:

    I know exactly what you mean. My plans for the day all changed when my daughter started vomiting this morning… the joys!!!

  4. SquiggleMum says:

    It's reassuring for us all to hear that even mums like you have "those" days. How blessed Immy is to have you for her Mummy.

  5. It's nice to have someone else voice their frustration at one of those days. I get annoyed when we get street sweepers, loud traffic, or even a truck coming into our cul de sac (this happened yesterday). Nap times are for me my tea break. But, like you said, this is why we chose to be mums – to be there for our children when they need us (especially at this young age).

  6. Peta @ Pippiwillow says:

    I am nodding in total agreement and understanding. Our babes sense that something isn't right and they find it disturbing and cant settle…I wish I could talk myself logically through it when I am there in THAT moment… Well done you. Sing to your small girl and her heart will sing with you. Peta

  7. I hate those days too! Though without day time sleeping, its the nights I have so much to do mine just won't settle! And like you I want to be the best damn mother so I panda to her wishes and forgo the extra sleep myself :)

  8. It's so great to hear someone as "together" as you seem to be, saying that you have those days too. It's hard to be present and engaging and enthusiastic all the time. Bless you for doing your best, and I'm glad you were able to be there and to sing.

  9. Oh so true and couldn’t agree more :)

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