The Final Everyday Glamour Giveaway Round Up

Here they are, ALL of the final entries in the Big, Beautiful Everyday Glamour Giveaway, heaps of great tips from Mums to inspire you to add a touch of glamour to your day. They are listed here in order of entry received which is very important for the prize giveaway!

Winners announced…tomorrow!

Simone: Instead of walking around with a milk stained wipeable nappy backpack I have glammed up and now own this super stunning leather Paba nappy bag!

Rebecca: My number one everyday glamour tip is every morning, to at least change out of your PJs, brush your teeth and hair and wash your face. Especially if you have very young children. Doing this makes me feel good and starts the day right. If I have more energy/time I would accessorise and makeup, but sometimes the basics need to be done first.

Sophie: For some reason I love wearing black tops but after 3 young kids close together I’ve learnt that if you’re planning on heading out during the day a patterned top can often look more glamorous as it can hide the little milky/snotty food stains (sounds charming I know but it happens to the best of us!) the baby usually likes to leave on my left shoulder as I carry them around. Instead of looking grotty I can still look and feel glam!

Kym blogging at Adventures of my tots to teens and inbetween asks “Oh, Are you going out?”

Louise: My tip is that I wear perfume everyday! … its something that makes you feel girly and sexy and even when you are in your trackies you can still pretend to be glamourous!

Julie blogging at Beautiful You shares her unique glamour tip

Cat of Adventures with Kids has a make up tip to help hide the lines!

Cindy: My tip for feeling glamorous is that I find something about myself that I am thankful for, I name it, I think about how that makes me who I am, I feel proud and happy about being me, and I learn to love every part of myself. I do this every day, some days it takes longer than other days, but I get there. Being a new mum is a challenge for us all, and it can be all too easy to overlook who we are in the process, and I find doing this exercise everyday brings me happiness and glamour as I feel great about being me!!!

Cath over at SquiggleMum has a list of ideas for adding A Little Glamour

Jen: My everyday glamour quotient as a mum of two skyrocketed after I received my GHD hair straightener. Nothing says glamour and poise like poker straight, glossy hair. In ten minutes I can go from birds nest sporting scarecrow to sophisticated yummy mummy. It does wonders for my self confidence.

Kelly has packed in a heap of everyday glamour ideas at Be A Fun Mum

Simone is seeing red on her blog, Simone Franssen

Nellbe offers a hint of perfume on her blog Nellbe’s Scribblings

Candice: Being a Mummy can sometimes be all BUT glamorous. We are forever running around after our litte ones from the moment they are born & we forget about ourselves. My easy tip to make me feel glamorous – concealer & my mineral powder foundation. Boring I know, but there is something about wearing this that makes me feel pretty. Maybe because it doesn’t look like I’ve caked on the foundation & its very light on my face so it doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing it.

Louisa of Everything is Edible looks fantastic in a hat

And for all of the Everyday Glamour posts, read more here

Thank you to all of our wonderful guest posters and prize sponsors.

As for YOU, I hope you are feeling inspired and glamorous today!

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