Let’s Dress Up

Let’s try some shoes, a hat or a dress
Tights and a bangle and all of the rest
We’ll party on down like we’re loose in the mall
Yeah, like Cinderella, lets’ have a ball!

-Lyrics, Let’s Dress Up, Justine Clarke

Immy has recently discovered the joys of dressing up. We have seen blue dancing fairies …umm over our pjs…
…Christmas butterflies flying all around the house…
…and interesting combinations of ‘dressing myself.’

Her second birthday is just weeks away and I have been making all sorts of dress ups for a dress up basket which we will be giving her as one of her presents. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing a number of tutorials showing what I have made, both here and elsewhere around the blogosphere. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to subscribe to Childhood 101 so you don’t miss a moment of the dressing up fun!

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  1. SNAP!
    I'm in the throws of making dress-ups for my mr. almost 3. He too loves make believe and dressing up. He can turn a piece of material into anything… but I'm making him and his friends some anyway.
    Looking forward to seeing what you've created.

  2. says:

    Do you have Ikea near by? They have some great masks and hats for dressups. My 16 month old loves these as he can do it himself.

  3. Perfect timing for me! My daughter will turn 2 in March and is obsessed with dressing–and undressing–herself all day. I'd love to put together some versatile, easy dress-up things for her and the other kids!

  4. So cute! We have a huge box with real dressups and heaps of my old clothes – kids love both 🙂

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