Kids Art: Tissue Paper Fun

I love painting with food colouring (even though it can be messy if you aren’t careful) thanks to its vivid colours. And I think it is a great paint medium for toddlers as it is completely non toxic (just make sure you supervise them closely – it does wash off, eventually!)

Immy enjoyed painting sheets of tissue paper using cotton buds as a brush and food colouring as her paint medium (to minimise the risk of harm, I poured the food colouring onto squares of paper towel).

She started off with lots of lines, then moved onto spots, and finally tried some “mixing.” Everything with paint is about mixing for Immy at the moment. She is fascinated with the process of mixing colours.

The following day, I cut the painting up and Immy used the pieces to create a tissue paper collage onto white card (with diluted Clag glue). I love the way the “paint” bled a little, making it appear soft and gentle.

What have your kids been creating this week?

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  1. Green Mama says:

    Hi- with food colouring we drop a smidge onto a piece of thick(ish) card, then my cherub blows it with a straw. She needs my help to keep the straw pointed at the puddle of food colouring, but it makes the most gorgeous prints. I also sit the piece of paper in a metal lasagne/baking dish (disposable one that I reuse again and again) and that stops/minimises the mess somewhat!

  2. Kez did that in Sunday school (but on paper) a while ago and I too loved the bright colours. I was amazed that the kids all came out clean! I'd never seen it before then. Love Immy's drawings and how it came out on tissue paper.

  3. Great idea to use the Q-tips. Less messy than paintbrushes!

    We discovered yesterday that with squares of bright tissues paper, we could crunch them up, dip them in a little water (enough to cover the bottom of a small bowl, no more) and then dab around a piece of paper. The tissue paper bleeds all over the paper (and your fingers, but they're washable) and makes some really interesting ways to "paint." It was a really fun discovery!

  4. The kids at preschool love to paint with cotton buds. We use edicol paint dye mixed in with water. It really does seem to inspire fine detail and deliberate marks (like Immy's). I can also recommend the straw blowing experience that Green Mama suggested. Always a popular one!

    Food colouring or paint dye and water and eye droppers is another fun one, especially on absorbant paper.

  5. [email protected] says:

    We LOVE painting on tissue paper! Some of my favorites of the girls' art is on tissue paper. The effect is just SO lovely. I haven't tried the painting with food coloring thing. Great inspiration!

  6. Jenn @ Delicious Ambiguity says:


    I have a MckLinky party called Tot Tuesdays that has recently started. I’d love it if you’d stop by & share some of your great ideas for tots:


  7. parentsideas-en says:

    Thank you for the idea! It is a good project to make with toddlers.

    As for us, together with our 22-mo-old daughter we have been painting using different things this week


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