Sponsor Spotlight: Kawaii For You

And the winner is… #39 – Jessi!

Please send me an email (there is a link to my email in the top navigation bar) with your contact details so that I can arrange your voucher. Thank you to everyone who entered. Be sure to bookmark Kawaii for You and visit them regularly to check out the new products Christine is introducing to the range :)

Sometimes you find a store where you can easily spend hours perusing all of the beautiful things for sale. For me, this perfectly describes, Kawaii for You. I think I could find a gift for almost anyone I know in store (well, all the children and women anyway, there is no hardware, fishing gear or automotive stuff, so that rules out most of the menfolk!) and it will definitely be one place I will be going for stocking fillers and gift items for Christmas (yes, I am thinking about being organised this year).
Run by Christine, a Brisbane based mother of three, Kawaii for You came from a desire for work flexibility, allowing her to spend time with her children, and a love of anything cute from Japan, hence the name – ‘kawaii’ is the Japanese word for cute. Says Christine,

“I was fortunate to stumble upon the work of Japanese Zakka artist, Shinzi Katoh, and I totally fell in love with his work and the range of products produced from his gorgeous designs. ‘Zakka’ is a term that refers to anything that improves your home, life and outlook. I’ve since found many other brands that are just as irresistible, some from other parts of the world but all of which have been inspired by Japanese animation.

I created Kawaii for You in January of this year when I realised there really wasn’t many of these gorgeous products available here in Australia. The thing I love the most about the products I sell is they’re not only for kids but for anyone looking for something cute and a bit different.”

And here is a little selection, to whet your appetite…


Left: 3 piece Nesting Suitcase Sets – available in four colours/designs, each representing a classic fairytale – Snow White, the Musicians of Bremen, Alice in Wonderland and Little Red Riding Hood. Cute storage for a child’s bedroom or playroom.
Middle: 4 piece Containers/Lunch Pack – Snow White – This lunch pack/container set from designer Shinzi Katoh is part of his Snow White collection. Too cute for lunch, I could see these on my desk holding my paperclips and thumbtacks! Sets available in a range of designs.
Right: Photo Album – Red Hood – with three different designs available, this has to be the cutest way to store your memories.

New in store…
Left: Little Red Stamp Set – I can think of so many uses for these seven little stamps. By Decole, a gorgeous Japanese brand which is difficult to find outside of Japan.
Middle: 2 Deck Bento/Lunch Box – This 2 deck lunch box from designer Shinzi Katoh is part of the ‘Someday, I’ll find you’ collection. Check out the entire range of lunch and bento boxes here.
Right: Chalkboard Wall Sticker – Kokeshi Doll – The Kokeshi Doll chalkboard wall stickers are perfect decorations for kids of all sizes. Completely removable (though not re-positionable), these chalkboard stickers can be drawn on with chalk and then wiped clean with a damp cloth.

And my picks…
Left: Ring Notebook ‘Flying’ – I am still a traditionalist at heart, with old fashioned paper notebooks full of ideas and lists. I just can’t seem to get the idea of moving it all online and who would want to with this gorgeous range of notebooks and memo pads. I love the message on this one, ‘I would like to travel somewhere unknown…’
Middle: Dragonfly wall decals – I see a set of these on the wall in our playroom, sitting just above our bright red couch.
Right: Deco Tape – I see many rolls of deco tape in my creative future :)

One lucky Childhood 101 reader will win a $30 voucher to spend in the Kawaii for You online store (postage not included). To enter, simply visit Kawaii for You and have a good look around. Then pop back here and leave a comment on this post telling me how you will spend your $30 if you win.

Entries close Sunday 30th May at 6pm (WA time) and are open to Australian residents only.

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  1. Chic Mummy says:

    Stephen loves taking bento lunches to kindy at the moment, so I would pick the 2 deck bento box set – Hey! The giraffe and the little boy is sooo kawaii!

  2. Zoe Hamilton says:

    Definately the Lunch Box Containers. My son is going through a stage where he will only eat things if it is presented like a present and would make things a hell of alot easier for us :D

  3. So かわいい!!! I would choose the snow white insulated lunch bag :-)

  4. So Now What? says:

    OOooh, gosh that is so hard. Such lovely stuff. I reckon the bento lunch box, mainly because it would enough room being a double decker. Gorgeous. Great comp :)

  5. The little kitty lunch box is super cute

    So much that is just irresistible at Kawaii For You. I must bookmark it for Christmas shopping.

  6. My daughter is enjoying writing to her penpal so I can't go past one of the writing sets, and some deco tape!
    She would have so much fun with them :)

  7. PlanningQueen says:

    So hard to choose, either a bento lunch box or one of the gorgeous organic shopping bags.

  8. the products from Kawaii are so cute. I would buy the sweet little nesting suitcases, but i would use them for me! to house some crafty things in my scrapbooking room

  9. NatureMom says:

    I LOVE the coin purse! It would work so better better than my current "throw it loose in your purse" method. ;)

  10. I'd love to stock up on their deco/washi tape! I use it for so many things, especially decorating my shipping boxes!

  11. Kerrie from The Twincess Diaries says:

    The toddler cup with lid would be perfect for hot chocolate this time of year !

  12. Jenny R says:

    These are so cute. I love the Red Hood 4 piece containers/lunch pack. What a gorgeous way to store and take your food out for the day.

  13. Miss Carly says:

    I would buy any of the tote bags, they are gorgeous {my favourite is the flying high one} and seeing though this would put me over the $30 I'd grab some birdie wall decals while I'm there :)

  14. SquiggleMum says:

    I'm with you – definitely the dragonfly wall decals!

  15. jenny @giftboxology says:

    i would buy:
    1. the memo stickers for my mum
    2. the cheri ring notebook for my sister-in-law (her birthday present from us recently went missing in the mail)
    3. memo stand clip (would love very cute in the kitchen, handy to put the days shopping list or to do list on so i dont lose it!)
    hhhmmm, so that leaves me with $4.15, i would chip in a bit extra and purchase:
    4. the reusable lunch bag. definitely useful in my household!
    jen x

  16. Lara at Silk Playground says:

    Such cute stuff there! I was thinking maybe a Red Hood writing set, to encourage my daughter to write letters to her grandparents but on second thoughts: a Little Red stamp set, and a small Red Hood memo pad, so we can make our own.

  17. Busy Brissy Mum says:

    Is this a trick question!! I could barely choose as I'm a bit of a sucker for Japanese style. I think I would choose the doll decals in a pink or green or red but I also really loved all the shopping bags. I think I'm going to have to return to make some purchases. Thanks for showing us this lovely online store Christie.

  18. I would DEFINITELY choose the snow white insulated lunch bag as it has been on my wish list to buy for a while now :-)

  19. Kellie Christie says:

    I would definitely put it towards some of the cute nesting suitcases. The hard part would be choosing which ones!!

  20. Domilee says:

    I would definately have to go the cute monchhichi Bento lunch box that monkey is too cute, otherwise the giraffe one.

  21. I would love to give my children's Japanese teacher a note book, as they really enjoy her classes. I think this would be a lovely way to show our appreciation of her efforts!

  22. kiwisara says:

    That's like taking a child into a lolly shop and saying just pick one lolly!! Among many of the things I have fallen utterly in love with is the 'Strawberry Shoulder Bag'. I see no reason why my daughter should not follow in her mummy's handbag obsessed footsteps :-)

  23. love their stuff, it would definitely go towards deco tape, stamps and maybe a cute lunchbox to keep it all in.

  24. OHhhh i would get some of the wall decals. I love the tree one with the owls.. I certainly will bookmark this site.. Merran

  25. A very hard choice but I'd put it towards a Snow White insulated lunch bag (which I'd be very tempted to keep for myself!)

  26. Tape, tape, and more tape – I would love to add trains, city and hearts to my existing collection, AND the stamps – so cute.

  27. Cath Roberts says:

    I Love Love Love all of your stuff its just so Cute ;)
    I would choose the Wall Decal (stickers) – Kokeshi Dolls with Dragonflies as they are just gorgeous :)

  28. SewSuzie says:

    I am a fan of Kawaii For You and have many rolls of the gorgeous tape in my stash. i would buy the Little Red Stamp Set and a Can Pencil case.

  29. Amber Greene says:

    I love the little Red stamp set! I want it now… I would never stop sending letters if I had those on my desk.

  30. I would love to give the voucher to my 11 year old niece who reflects the individuality and cuteness of all Kawaii pieces. I am always looking for things for her that show my love of Japanese culture and yet are not overly grown up. Everything you sell would be just perfect.

  31. jodesmac says:

    oooooh all so good. this time I would have to get the Alice in Wonderland Bento's as miss 6 , turning 7, is have an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party next month.
    But I will also have to come back and get some of those cute lip gloss and key rings you were taunting me with in the email :)

  32. Everything is sooo cute. I love the writing sets and the four piece containers. But I would have to choose the Bento/Lunch Box 2 decks – Princess Mermaid. My daughter loves both!

  33. I met Christine last year and she is soooo lovely. I love everything she has, but would have to go with the bento lunch box with the monkey design. Our little boy is nicknamed cheeky monkey, so it will work nicely. :)

  34. I would have to get the Follow Me Bento/Lunchbox. My nearly 3yr old is crazy for anything with a cat on it at the moment!

  35. Laura Chaffey says:

    What a gorgeous store! Everything is so delightful! I am trying to encourage my six-year-old Daughter to keep up the tradition of writing letters and thank-you notes so the riding hood note set would be a great way to do this (although she'll tell me it looks too nice to write on!) And I just adore the riding hood coin purse!

  36. Candice says:

    I would spend the voucher on the Bento/Lunch Box single – Route 601.

  37. Lilli boo says:

    So much I would have to order the following…
    1. A photo album, as I have just had 8 rolls of film developed and need more albums!
    2. Clear file – Letter set… for thank you cards and general snail mail ;-)
    3.Wall Stickers – Kokeshi dolls for my daughters bedroom wall.

    That's not to say, I am eyeing off the tote bags and coveting the 'flying' one and love the bento boxes too.

  38. Super Kawaii Mama says:

    Oh totally the bento box with Snow White on it! I really need to start making lunches for myself in advance as I get so busy with the girls that I often just end up eating a bit of old toast.
    Yay for Kawaii!!

  39. i love kawaii for you!

    i would lots of the kawaii deco tape and a red riding hood suitcase… so the $30 would make a BIG discount!


  40. Definately the Red riding hood insulated bag. My daughter is nowhere near school age yet but I love it so much that I would put it away for her especially.

  41. I'd use the voucher to get the Bento/Lunch Box 2 decks – Monchhichi. It's so cute, practical AND my little man loves monkeys! How can you go wrong?

  42. Autumn Breeze says:

    I ummed and ahhed over a few things but always came back to the Apple Bento Lunch Box. It's super funky.

  43. Easy Peasy! I would buy kokeshi doll Wall decals for my new home! My Little girl would love them.

  44. Ahhhhh so much cuteness!I love all the stationery but I have already bought a bunch of them to use to write to my friend teaching in north Queensland. So I probably don't need any more just yet. I have a bit of an obsession with stamps at the moment so I think I'd buy the super cute "Little Red" Stamp Set. But it's a hard decision because I love so many things, especially all the lunch boxes.

  45. Piper + Lily says:

    I would put my $30 vouchr twards buying a set of cute nesting cases for my girls – they are so cute!

  46. one of everything?! Just kidding, I wish! I may wait for the cupcake container to come in or get one of the lunchboxes or get my little man a letter writing kit and stamps.

    see? still cannot decide.

  47. My daughter lily is acting a lot older than her 18mths she is, she prepares her bag for work every morning, gets on her toy car and wants to drive to work, to help foster this great imagination i would love to spend it on the bento lunch box…. a nice lunchbox to remind her how mum mummy and daddy loves her

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