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Immy is currently enamoured by the story of Cinderella. We take turns to be Cinderella sobbing with disappointment as she wishes to go to the ball and the fairy ‘goldmother’ who works all sorts of magic with her wand, the most fascinating of which must be those precious glass slippers!

So here is my Cinderella, ready for the ball. We were waiting for my parents to arrive for a visit and Cinderella took the time to very thoughtfully set a table laden with a (play) feast for the guests and then decided to have a little boogie while she waited…
…bet you didn’t realise that Cinderella could hip hop!

The crown and skirt were simply made (follow the links for my tutorials). The cape is a silk scarf and the long jewels were from a necklace of mine which broke and I threaded the beads onto a length of ribbon. The glass slippers on the left are a dreadful pair of commercial plastic ‘heels’ which she can only hobble in, in fact, if anyone has an alternative idea for how I could make some alternative dress up shoes I would love to hear your ideas :)

You can find my favourite link from last week just over here!

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If you haven’t played before, please read this post first.

Community Service Announcement:
Each week I leave comments on each of the We Play posts and I encourage you to do the same as it is a great way of building a supportive play community. However, if you have a blogger blog with an embedded comment form I would encourage you to read this post about the problems with the commenting system and some browsers and swap to a non embedded form – you may not even realise that you are missing out on comments from your readers!
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  1. Beautiful!

    Re the shoes, could you get some ballet slippers (we bought ours at Target for about $11) and decorate them by gluing on some sequins and other glittery stuff, or sewing beads on the? Fabric paint, if you have some?

    Could be another postable activity :)

  2. What a good idea, amanda, thanks. I actually looked at ballet slippers last trip but didn't think of decorating them, doh! The last pair of 'clip clop' shoes I got was too small for the 2 year old :( Princess dressups are very big here too!

    We had great fun working together on a dinosaur model this week.

  3. So cute, the skirt and hat turned out really well. I like Amanda's idea about the ballet slippers too.

    Thank you for the community service announcement, it can be so frustrating going through to comment on all the We Play blogs and not know if some of my comments are getting through.

  4. The girl who painted trees says:

    Very sweet little girl.

  5. Anne@LittleSproutBooks says:

    We love dress up here too! And it is often in honor of guests arriving, just like your cinderella. I posted about some of our dress ups recently (but before I got linked up with We Play). You can see it here if you're interested:

  6. Anne@LittleSproutBooks says:

    By the way – excellent community service announcement. I'm already set with both items, but glad to know I'm making it as simple as possible to make more bloggy friends!

  7. katepickle says:

    Ah the most gorgeous Cinderella I've ever seen!

    And I agree with Marita.. though I've been slack on commenting of late (sleeping baby in lap and shaped net access make it hard) it is frustrating to comment on a blog and have it not work, and worse that the blogger probably has no idea!

  8. Mom and Kiddo says:

    So cute! If she ever wants to be a the fairy godmother, we once made a super easy "magic ribbon wand" — my son loved playing with it.

  9. jeannine: waddlee-ah-chaa says:

    Thanks for the service announcement. We do not have a blogger blog, but rather wordpress. We cannot leave comments on some sites that we really like! :)

  10. Very cute! And thanks for the community service announcement. I'm off to check my settings!

  11. This is such a cute Cinderella outfit you made! As for shoes, we bought Selena some inexpensive ballet slippers from Walmart, she has gotten more use out of them then any other play shoe we have in the house.

  12. Love the tutu and crown. What fun :)
    Thank you for the announcement – I had no idea and have fixed mine up.

  13. Raising a Happy Child says:

    I love the pictures – what a beautiful Cinderella.

  14. Busy Brissy Mum says:

    Our Miss M lived in her tu-tu when she was Immy's age. Now I need to hide the tu-tu as it is way to small for her and very inappropriate. She always seems to want to put it on when we have guests. Immy's outfit is delightful Christie. I especially love her crown.

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