Sponsor Spotlight: Bega Kids

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Right up, I must admit that I am not a cheese eater. Fortunately (at least for the team at Bega), I live with two enthusiastic cheese eaters. In fact, the taller, larger one prefers ordering a cheese platter after a meal to a sumptuous chocolate dessert – blasphemy, I say!

Bega provided my resident cheese eaters with the opportunity to taste two of their real cheese snacks – the Junior Cheese and Shape Puzzlers, both made from 100% cheese, without artificial colours and flavours, providing Mums with the reassurance that their children are eating nothing more than little bites of dairy goodness.

Bega Junior is made from Colby cheese and comes in easy to hold, single serve sticks which are individually packaged. On the other hand, the Bega Shape Puzzlers are 100% Cheddar cheese precut into cute puzzle shapes, not that they sat on the plate long enough for Immy to play with them :), and they come in a resealable ziploc bag, perfect for quick snacks or rubbish free lunchboxes.

Put to the taste test in our house and it was all good. Immy voted with her mouth and Dad 101 was pleased to report that there was absolutely no hint of the ‘plastic’ cheese typically associated with cheese products marketed to children. I even put Miss M (our lovely babysitter) to the taste testing task, and we finished with three thumbs up for Bega’s real cheese snacks.

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  1. life in a pink fibro says:

    We visited the Bega Cheese Factory on a recent holiday and it was great. As for the cheese – my boys love the Stringers and we are enthusiastic Tasty aficionados. Happily supporting South Coast industry. :-)

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