Let’s Celebrate SPRING: The Beginnings of a Nature Table

Crafty Mamas, have you ever started out with an idea for a creative project and part way through wondered, “Why on earth am I doing this?” Or is that just me?? Probably. Anyway, this project certainly had more than one why am I doing this again moments.

I have long been fascinated with the idea of having a nature table representing the current season, bring a little outdoors in, something quite common to those adopting a Waldorf approach to early education. Anyway, I thought I start with a Spring nature table, the centrepiece of which would be a branch. But not just any branch. A branch wrapped in wool. I know, right now you are all thinking what the? But stay with me here, okay. I thought it could look quite effective. A bit like this…

That looks kind of cool, right?

Here it is in its entirety…

The centrepiece of what will be our Springtime nature table. I personally think a branch wrapped in white wool and adorned with tiny silver ornaments would make a stunning centrepiece for a Christmas table. Maybe this wasn’t such a crazy idea after all?

Anyway, now I just need to work out what else to add to our nature table. We have started with a small collection of seedpods and gumnuts.

What would you add (or have you added) as Spring inspiration to your nature table?

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  1. Insects – real or handmade I know you have a very good snail collection in your letterbox!
    And I always love pressing flowers

  2. Flowers of course! Also a nest, eggs – you could hang decorated eggs from your branch (northern hemisphere Easter style!)

    And Meek's idea is great – you could have your flower press on the table. Pressing flowers is on my crafty list this spring. Now I just need to find a good neighbourhood source of pansies!

  3. Cathy at NurtureStore says:

    On the other side of the world in the UK we've been setting up our Autumn nature table: pumkpins, pinecones and conkers here. Lovely for the children to have lots of different textures to explore.

  4. I bet that took forever, but it looks fabulous! Imagine this hung with lovely green leaves and 'aussie' natural christmas ornaments!
    But for spring… how about growing a little tray of grass seed? Some folded over painting butterflies? My girls loved making a collage of pressed flowers last year but maybe for when I is a bit older as they are quite delicate.

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