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I love how toddlers find household chores so fascinating and enjoyable ~ dusting, wiping or sweeping up spills, even vacuuming, are transformed to playfulness in the mind of a child (oh, to recapture this way of embracing life). Or in our case, moving dirt, preparing the soil, planting and watering plants. And with that our vegies are finally in (more photos in a later post, I promise).

I have no doubt that my toddler will greet the harvest just as enthusiastically :)

I have two favourite posts from last week ~ I think this is a beautiful way of journalling a child’s interests, ideas and fascinations at any given moment in time and I really want a turn of this fun dressing up game :)

What have you been playing this week?

Please check out this post if it is your first time playing :)

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  1. We are still loving our gardening here too, and it feels like we will never get it finished :) Looking forward to see how you garden grows :)

  2. We are enjoying the last of our tomatoes here, and my kids loved planting seeds and watching them grow this year!

  3. Martianne says:

    Oh, for a green thumb! we had lots of fun making "lasagna garden" beds and planting seeds here, but had little grow for our efforts…

  4. We have just put in the first of our vegie seedlings too – already my little girl loves using her little watering can on our vegie patch to help :)

  5. Oh how I wish we had a real garden, your little plants look lovely. Looking forward to seeing the updated photos, I bet Immy is going to love tending and watering them all.
    So glad you enjoyed our dress up game from last week, Im very chuffed! :-)

  6. •´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• says:

    We love cleaning here …though it leads to more mess.
    Playing in the dirt and the vege garden is a favourite too …though ours in a PS box garden this year mostly herbs & tomatoes because we are selling.
    Today we played with shoeboxes to change a life for children less privleged than my own. Hopefully the child who receives it will enjoy playing with it as much as we enjoyed packing it.

  7. Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' says:

    Beautiful photographs of the gardening. We've been busy enjoying our Spring planting in New Zealand, with peas, strawberries and tomatoes being favourites. I must do a post on that soon!

    This week we've had lots of fun with our cuddly toys!

    Loving 'We Play' and will enjoy visiting other blogs this week. Thank you so much, Sarah

  8. Chapter Forty says:

    We are moving house to get a bigger garden, I cant wait to grow veggies. You post this week has reminded me that all this moving stress is going to be so worthwhile.

  9. Juliet Robertson says:

    Isn't gardening great!

    I'm not linking up this week as I don't feel my current post is "playful" enough! However any teachers or homschoolers might like and enjoy the post as it's a clever little approach for talking and listening outside wherever you may live:

  10. Hi Christine, thanks for inviting me to 'play'. What a great link up – I'm going to enjoy browsing all these playful blogs over the next few days. And I'll be coming back next week too!

    I love gardening and my 4 year old has only recently come on board. When she was younger she'd help out, but then sabotage all our work – pulling out seedlings emptying the soil, etc. A big positive of gardening for us is that the only time she'll eat a tomato is if it's a cherry tomato straight off the plant! And the raspberries at our place never make it to the kitchen…

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