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A quick one from me this week as I am in the throes of e-book creation as Art Not Craft ~ The Process of Learning Creatively comes to life. Fortunately the sunshine continues to shine in our little corner of the world and for the past week it has been thankfully shining with a little less intensity. The heat has been a little more manageable and we have actually been able to enjoy more time outdoors without being burnt to a crisp.

Our outdoor kitchen is still going strong and we love the Green Toys cookware from Modern Little Munchkins. This week we have been serving up mud pies with a side of gumnut stew, delicious!

What is your child’s favourite way to play outdoors at home?

And what have you been playing this week?

Join us at We Play as we build a playful community. This post will tell you more about We Play if it is your first time playing. If you are reading this via email or RSS feed, you will need to visit the post to see the play idea links or add your own. Have fun visiting and commenting on the great blogs linked up this week.

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  1. Happy to be linking up with you for the first time this week. My son’s latest cooking endeavors have been on his toy BBQ. Peanut butter, jam and rice (altogether) YUM?!

  2. My son LOVES to dig in his “construction site” outside. We gave him a section of our back yard to do as he wants, and he has fenced it off and declared it a construction site. Today we finally had enough snow melt for him to see the ground of his site so he was out there digging and “paving a road” as he later told me.

  3. We still have snow :). So, right now we have been playing in the snow and slush! We have also been painting the snow pretty regularly. Today, one of the little boys found a slush/mud puddle where the snow is starting to melt and decided to take a swim!

  4. Mudpies are my favorite:-)

    Thanks for hosting the link up.


  5. We have a Green Toys tea set and it is awesome. I think I’ll pass on the gumnut stew if thats ok?

  6. yummmm, gumnut stew. We mostly have sand birthday cakes at our house. So delicious.

  7. My daughter really likes playing in the sandbox, but our faux lid broke for it so we had to stop using it. We are about to move and we’re excited to be getting a sand/water table for the new house. We also love to pick up sticks, rocks and “bug watch” (love rollie pollies!)

  8. Your gumnut stew looks yummy 😉

  9. definitely love the mud pies at our house (unfortunately on sat though the girls’ water play stirred up an ants nest and the game had to come to an abrupt end – but the hose on full was fun too!!).
    But it is hard to beat the trampoline for outdoor fun – they never seem to tire of that…and it’s never just bouncing – I’m not sure what the game is half the time, but there’s always something more to it!!

  10. I have just discovered your wonderful blog through Emma of Frog, Goose and Bear and I think it is BRILLIANT!!!! I can’t wait to firstly go through all the other players in your wonderful link up….and then peel back all the pages of your past posts. Thanks so much. Inspiring stuff!!! 🙂 x

  11. Love mud pies!

  12. We love mud pies here too as well as crafting outdoors, especially painting stones 🙂

  13. Having fun in our garden-the good old fashioned way, a wheelbarrowand a dad.

  14. Your meal sounds yummy. It would go well with JDaniel’s watertable soup.

  15. Our most favourite creative play today = banana cupcakes with chocolate frosting!


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