Friendship: Revisiting a Bully Free Zone

I thought Friendship Month would be a good time to revisit the series of posts on bullying from early last year. Contributed by guest poster, Amanda Gray of Learn2 Be Buddies, the series focused on what we can do as parents and educators to stop bullying in its tracks before it even begins through strategies to use with prior to school aged children.

Does Bullying Begin at Preschool? This posts looks at whether rough behaviour and/or teasing by young children really be defined as bullying.

Stopping Bullying Before It Begins Part 1 and Stopping Bullying Before It Begins Part 2 These two posts look at strategies for helping children learn how their behaviour affects others and how to negotiate problems with other children in socially acceptable ways.

Strategies to Bullyproof Our Kids Bullies look for easy targets. This post includes strategies for helping your child to not become the victim.

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  1. I define bullying as behaviour that continues after someone asks you to stop. That’s the way I want my kids to view it so they know that it’s up to them to say ‘no, I don’t like that!’. They need to learn to stand up for themselves and also to know what kind of behaviour they themselves might be doing that could be seen as bullying. I don’t want to be one of those parents who thinks ‘my child would NEVER’ and then buries their head in the sand. I’m off to read all of these fantastic posts. x

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