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We read often in our house. At any time of the day, in any room of our house (though one of our favourite places to read is our book space which I featured on Friday).  Most days we read at breakfast time, a ritual which began as an attempt to keep a busy toddler at the table for the duration of the meal, and which continues today as a lovely, slow way to start the morning together. This week breakfast and books truly collided when Dad 101 and Immy cooked Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast! It is amazing how much fun a meal is with a little food colouring in the mix. They added colouring to our bacon and to the cooking water for the eggs but the eggs failed to take on much of a green tinge so we improvised and drew green faces as well :)  Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss has been much loved title in our home for quite a while now but this week it certainly came to life!

Have you had fun integrating favourite books into your play recently?

I have some very exciting news to share with you regarding a big change to We Play which is coming very, very soon so stay tuned for a special announcement ;)

And in the meantime, it’s time to play!

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  1. Leah - Bogue Living says:

    That’s just gorgeous!!

    At the moment one of my toddler favourite books is a golden book copy of “the wheels on the bus”, so when the trains came out, and the set includes a little bus, there was much singing and comparing to the pictures in the book :) He loves matching things that are the same.

  2. I’m glad you told me that was bacon. I was thinking playdough. Eeww!

    The book of the moment at our house is “Dougal the Garbage Dump Bear” which I don’t love, but both children do, and they act out the parts of Dougal and his friend Bumble. So it’s lovely to see the two of them engage in cooperative, imaginative play together.

    Ina is revisiting Chimp and Zee and the Big Storm (she loved it as a 2 year old) and it has sparked an interest in weather forecasting – she’s the first one at the newspaper in the morning, and I’ve taught her how to find the weather page and read the symbols and the temperatures. Fun!

  3. One book that has always been a favourite here is Where’s My Teddy? We’ve had fun playing out this story. Daddy makes a great bear!

    Love your green eggs and ham. Somewhere I have a recipe for green eggs and ham that a friend gave me. If I find it, I’ll send it to you, Christie.

  4. With 4 under 4 in my care the other day a big box became our favourite toy! We talked about it being a boat, went and got who sank the boat from the book shelf and acted it out….over and over and over again. Wonderful fun

  5. Mmmm. Green Bacon!! So Mr. Childhood 101 is creative too!! Just tonight we were reading a book about piggy-back rides, which was then followed by actual piggy-back rides around the house. Books are so inspiring!

  6. Thanks for hosting this resourceful and fun meme! This is my first time participating, but I have been reading and gleaning from others long before now. Green Eggs and Ham is a well loved classic in our home too.

    Hope you are having a wonderful week!

  7. Did they eat it?!!
    I saw somewhere recently an Indian method of speckled eggs where you boil the egg and then crack the shell a little and then add some color to the water, put the egg back in and cook for a little longer and then when you peel the shell off the white is colored in a cool way. Can’t remember what it was called now.

  8. I’m thinking that there is no way I would eat green eggs and ham (or THAT bacon anyway) on boat, train, in box, with fox etc etc. Not at all appetising! Hats off to Dad101 for giving it a go.

    We’re going through a massive Roald Dahl stage here at the mo with the munchkin, and have been role-playing queens and giants from the BFG, and vermicious knids and astronauts from Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. Any time of the day – during breakfast, in the car on the way to preschool, at dinner, at bedtime. He’s experienced both the books and the audio books, so now there are full-on funny voices, regal affectations and even some interpretive dance. Loads of fun. I’d never read these books as a child so I’m enjoying it immensely. Can’t wait until he’s old enough for Harry Potter!

  9. Mmmm, looks delicious! One of our favourite books as well.


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