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This week Immy has been rediscovering her watercolour paints which had not made an appearance for a little while now. There have been many, many paintings of figures, exploring with patches of colour, experimenting with how the water impacts the colour saturation, and even applying the paint with her fingertip (and *ahem* yes, we quite often wear a pink dancing tutu whilst painting! LOL). After allowing her to work with her paper flat on the table for a setting, I used a recycled length of box cardboard to fashion a simple tabletop easel and this actually appeared to encourage her to work for longer periods of time on each artwork. If you have not tried watercolour paints with your child before, this post shares how I introduced the process for using watercolours with Immy.

What is your child’s favourite way to paint?

Now it is your turn to share your playfulness…

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  1. Christie! Can I just say you are a GENIUS! I have been looking all over for a table top easel. Even downloaded plans to make one and here you have one out of simple cardboard! Thank you :)

    • Thanks Kate. It is just a length of cardboard scored three times and joined with some velcro that I hot glue gunned into place so that we can fold it flat when it is not in use.

  2. Hi Christie!

    This is my first time linking up. I was writing my post this morning, and I suddenly thought of your We Play weekly post. How happy I was to discover you were covering painting today!

    Great easel..! We have a stand alone one with blackboard, but it rarely gets used now and takes up a bit of space. I think I might get rid of it and ‘borrow’ your idea!


  3. Milina Opsenica says:

    Love the easel idea! Will be putting that into play today. Love your blog Christie, you have been a sanity saver on many an occasion with 3 littlies under 4.

  4. i have just found your blog and i love it, ive linked up too x

  5. We have a big clunky easel. This looks so much easier to use.

  6. Hey Christie, I linked up but didn’t mean to put my name as the title of my link. Sorry I am new to this. Can I change it to say “Pink Water”? Thank you for your wonderful site,

  7. I was only thinking this week that I should get some watercolour paints for Grace to use :) I love your easel idea!

  8. Watercolours would be a winner here – I must get some. At our house – painting with water outside on a rainy day is the favourite form of painting! Easier clean up for Mum! (ie. none!)

  9. I meant to say on a ‘sunny’ day…..would be a little pointless on a rainy day….


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