Introducing Playopedia

After her computer crashed and wiped a heap of play ideas she had bookmarked from We Play, a wonderful blogging friend, Marita of Stuff With Thing, suggested that it would be great to have a searchable database of the super play ideas linked to We Play over the past 13 months. Well, I am always up for a challenge and with Marita and Kate’s help, we present to you…


1. A comprehensive reference network of unique play ideas categorised according to the type of play and hosted at
2. The best of the best play ideas on the world wide web.

The play ideas included at Playopedia are sorted according to whether they are best suited to indoors or outdoors and into seven play categories;

  • Constructing
  • Imagining
  • Creating
  • Exploring
  • Thinking
  • Moving
  • Making

You can find full descriptions of each play type here.

Playopedia is dynamic. We have only just started adding ideas (though there are already more than 120 posts to inspire you) and there are still many, many on our list to include. We also welcome you to submit your own playful blog posts, whether they be past posts or new ones. As well as becoming part of Playopedia, I will be featuring play ideas regularly from the collection here at Childhood 101, so inclusion in Playopedia has the potential to show off your blog to a wide audience.

If you are a parent or educator looking for great play ideas for your children, Playopedia is easier to search through than a meme and filled with 100% guaranteed great play ideas from around the world wide web!

So head over now to Playopedia and check it out!

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  1. That is amazing, you all must have put so much work into creating this, what a fabulous resource!

  2. LOVE this resource! I will be back again and again, I’m sure. Thank you!

  3. Great! Glad you are doing this!

  4. What a great resource!!

  5. Awesome idea – well done ladies!

  6. Wow, that’s fantastic!! Thanks for all your hard work on this one :-)

  7. Clever girls x

  8. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You must have known that I was searching your blog for an old we play entry just this past week. Now I will have easy access to them. What a fabulous idea.

  9. What a brilliant idea! Thankyou to all of you.

  10. All kinds of wonderful! One half of me is shouting ‘yes!’ and the other half of me is shouting “no!” coz I’ve been working on an idea very similar but it is still a little way off. Serves me right for dragging my feet. I love the way you have categorised the play, and the page looks wonderful and is so easy to use. Well done!

  11. What a great resource – you are so good putting this together for us all to access xx

  12. We love this in Colorado, THANKS a bunch ladies!!

  13. Such a creative and informative site … i am from a childhood background and finished working as a director when i had my son. I just love finding sites such as yours (always changing and constantly inspiring) i love checking in and getting a creative fix for my little one (and me)!
    Well done and all the best with this next venture Christie!

  14. Just what I wished you would do, thank you very much! I get a lot of inspiration from your blog; keep it up, and please be kind to yourself :)

  15. Awesome!! I often think – thats a great play idea for when little man is a bit older… And now I’ll have a way to actually get back and look!! ;)
    Nothing like a team effort for wonderful ideas!!

  16. OMG! This is the answer to all my prayers. Thank you SO much for putting in the effort to create this. Heading over right now.. Please do let me know if I can help you wonderful ladies with anything for this immensely useful project!!
    Thank you!

  17. Great idea!!! Thank you

  18. Really like the way the ideas are collected here. Going off now to have a play…

  19. This is an invaluable resource. What a treaure trove of inspiring ideas that are so easy to access. Thank you so much for making this happen and compiling this collection of sheer goodness. Your ideas, hard work, dedication and innovation are greatly appreciated.

  20. Very nicely put together – looking forward to checking it out.

  21. Brilliant!

  22. It is so much more than I ever imagined it could be when I first asked. You and Kate have done a wonderful job, thank you Christie.

  23. Awesome! I can’t imagine the amount of work that went into this, but it is sooooo appreciated!

  24. This is wonderful and there’s really nothing like it in the blogging world (that I’ve seen). What a creative idea!

  25. Awesome – thankyou. What a great idea

  26. Love it love it love it :)

  27. Fabulous idea – thank you so much for including one of my posts! Does this mean that you will no longer be hosting a regular “We Play” each week?

  28. I’m italian, I read always your blog… and this is a great great idea!

  29. There are not enough LIKES in the world for this! Thank you all so much for creating such a brilliant resource.

  30. Like all great ideas – seems so simple, but as someone else has commented, a FIRST to my knowledge and a lot of thinking and hard work to make it possible – thankyou!

  31. That’s fabulous! Now I know where to go for play inspiration!

  32. This is AWESOME!!! Thank you so much.

  33. Wow this is wonderful – thank you for all the hard work you put into this and inspiring us moms to get more creative. Such great ideas. I have blogged about this to share it with my readers in South Africa.

  34. Just have to join the chorus of WONDERFUL! Looking forward to using it often and sharing with friends…thanks for including me too!


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