Homemade Christmas Fun: Christmas Snow Dome

Immy recently discovered snow domes in the Australia Zoo gift store! Her one purchase choice out of everything in the store was a Steve Irwin snow dome :)  So this week I thought we might make a simple Christmas snow dome to add to her ‘collection.’

Christmas Snow Dome Tutorial

You will need;

  • 1 small glass or plastic jar with lid
  • A small amount of plasticine
  • Waterproof glue
  • Miniature plastic or plaster Christmas figurines
  • Glitter, sequins, sparkles
  • Water

To make:

  1. Form a mound with the plasticine in the centre of the jar lid.  Mounting your figurines onto a layer of plasticine lifts them up above the lid of the jar, making them easier to see. Make sure that the plasticine does not spread all of the way to the edge of the lid or your jar will not properly close. Place your figurines onto the mound and check that they fit within the jar. Remove figurines and then glue plasticine into position with the waterproof glue.
  2. Glue figurines securely into position on top of the plasticine. Allow glue to fully dry according to manufacturer’s directions.
  3. Place glitter, sequins and sparkles into the jar.
  4. Fill the jar almost to the top with water.*
  5. Secure the lid onto the jar tightly. You may like to glue or tape the lid into place.
  6. Turn over and shake away!

* Coincidentally, I was reading today that the ladies at Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning suggest adding a little glycerine to the water. We didn’t as I hadn’t heard this suggestion before and Immy loves her snow dome just the way it is :)

You’ll find more Christmas inspiration here!

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  1. Very cool. I think I’ll do this with my kids.

  2. Very sweet and simple idea. better add some glitter to my shopping list…

  3. This looks so fun, I’ll have to keep my eye out for a good plastic jar since my 2 y/o is into throwing things at the moment…

  4. oh this is just gorgeous!!!! I love it!!

  5. Oh my gosh! Heidi love love loves snow domes. This is a perfect activity for us to do together on one of the afternoons when I’ve picked her up early from school. So calming and fun.

  6. I love this! My son is really into snow globes. Is plasticine the same as playdough? I pinned this so I won’t forget to do it this year. Thanks for sharing the idea!

  7. We are SOOO doing this! My little guy absolutely loves snow globes and has even taking to shaking up the glitter (non water filled) bouncy ball – thinking it’s a snow globe. 2 questions:
    Can you use play doh?
    What brand of glue did you use? (not sure what counts as waterproof)

  8. Such a great idea! I love snow globes… and think my bub will have fun making this with me :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  9. Kristin Williamson says:

    Any suggestions as to what glue is waterproof?

    • Kristin Williamson says:

      Sorry – I just read the earlier post about Selleys Kwik grip.
      I can’t wait to make this – have just drawn up a shopping list for tomorrow.
      Lachlan and Imogen will go crazy for these globes – thanks for the great idea!

  10. What a fantastic idea Christie! I love that you can re-use things around the house. Will link to this from my blog too.

  11. we made these last year and the kids had great fun with them. We also made them into christmas presents by putting gift vouchers in them for a bit of fun. Love your glitter stars.

  12. Lovely. Isn’t this time of year so magical for creating holiday projects? Our children keep saying, “it FEELS like Christmas” every time we are making. A lovely holiday you are making with Immy. -heather

  13. That is neat! My daughter was just talking about making a snow dome (we read a book where one was mentioned). I am making our advent activity cards for this year, and this is going on it!! Thanks :)

  14. Hi there,
    Hopefully you will still see this comment.
    I’m just wondering… do you still have the snow globe? Did the plasticine last in the water for all this time? I’m looking at making some this year and want something that will last for a long time. Thanks

  15. Super important to ignite kids creativity and cultural events like Christmas are often a great way to motivate them!


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