Nature Kids: A Grubby Giveaway

Immy has been a big fan of DirtGirlWorld for almost two years (I actually posted about it here eighteen months ago). This award winning television show has been one that I have been happy for her to watch as I can see that as well as being entertaining and age appropriate, the program communicates a positive environmental message and the means to encouraging children to get outdoors and engage with nature.

Which has to be a good thing, right :)  From windy days perfect for kite flying to searching for rainbows, each episode takes children on an adventure with the animated characters DirtGirl, Scrap Boy, Hayman, Grubby and Ken (and the rocking roosters dancing the Chicken Jam deserve their own special mention!), with the aim of inspiring a generation of planet loving preschoolers. And what child wouldn’t want to play in a backyard just like DirtGirl’s!

Each episode also includes footage of real children (the Green Thumbs) engaged in a nature based project. Packaged together with a funky soundtrack (that is easy to listen to – even for parents!), it is no wonder DirtGirlWorld is a hit with children aged 2-7 years from all around the world (incidentally, the second CD from the series, Dig It, has been nominated for Best Children’s Album at the upcoming ARIA awards).

If you want to encourage your little people to get outdoors and get grubby, I have two DirtGirlWorld viewing and listening packs to giveaway. Open to Australian readers, each pack contains 1x DirtGirlWorld DVD – Summer, 1x DirtGirlWorld DVD – Winter, 1x DirtGirlWorld CD – Get Grubby! and 1x DirtGirlWorld CD – Dig It!

What a great addition to a Christmas stocking hanging in your home!


To enter, simply leave a comment on this post, telling me your favourite child’s favourite way to play outdoors and get grubby!  The two most creative and original entries will win a DirtGirlWorld pack. Entries close Tuesday, 29th November 2011 at 6pm AEDST. This giveaway is now closed.

Congratulations to Daisy and Fiona, the winners of the DirtGirlWorld prize packs.

You might also like to ‘Like’ DirtGirlWorld on Facebook and check out her online eco-store for more Christmas stocking suggestions!

The fine print:
1.    The competition ends at 6pm AEST, Tuesday, November 29th 2011.
2.    Entry is open to Australian residents only.
3.    To enter you must leave a comment on this blog post sharing your favourite child’s favourite way to play outdoors.
4.    Please register a routinely checked email address in the email field of your entry.
5.    The winners will be notified via email within 7 days of the competition closing.
6.    Should the winner fail to make contact via return email within 48 hours of notification a new winner may be selected.

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  1. Narelle Rock says:

    my kids like to make potions in a container or old juice bottle, mixes of dirt, rocks, leaves, grass, flowers, pretty much anything they can find, then mix it with water…then they end up just leaving it outside somewhere until we have to throw it out!

    • Yay, someone else does that. My cousin and I used to do that all the time when we were young at my nana’s house. It was magical, until we mixed Harpix bleach and something else and blew the lid off the jar!

  2. yay, I’ll enter this one! My girls love to play out in our little farm out the back. They love collecting the eggs as well as trying to catch a duckling to hold!

  3. Our 18mth old’s favourite ways to play outside and get grubby are playing in the sandpit, this ends in her carry buckets around the yard most days. Watering her plants (still in posts, yet to be placed in her garden), as the watering can is a little big for her she usually ends up a little wet (she now waters her plants in her PJs before she gets dressed in the morning). The activity she tries to do the most times in the day is feeding the worms in her worm farm, she likes lifting their blanket, digging in the dirt to see how far they have travelled since the day before and then tipping in the rotten fruit and veggie guck that the worms enjoy. Needless to say we have morning and afternoon baths at our house.

  4. Cathy Kettle says:

    My kids love to grow things in their own patches of garden, at the moment they have tomatoes in an old bath tub, and an old clam shell with carrots in one half and strawberries in the other half! Just enough for them to tend, but they are always ‘helping’ in the big gardens as well, esp if it’s something they can pick and eat right away, which happens to be broad beans at the moment!

  5. My nearly 5 year old daughter loves fairies and playing outside. We have a great front garden with bushes, paths, garden beds that just lend themselves to fairy play. But along with fairy play comes picking of all the flowers to make fairy soup, fairy rings, fairy potions! So in order to preserve some flowers in my garden we set aside one end of our Veggie garden to be dedicated to flowers. Together we chose the flower seeds that she wanted to plant, she planted the seeds, weeded the garden and watered them regularly. Now she has an excellent crop of flowers that are all hers (and her sisters) to pick whenever they want and as many as they want! It has been a big hit and now among the fairy play we often hear “Time for fairy gardening!” and she dons her gardening gloves and wings and heads out to her flower patch!

  6. You just try and stop her! I love sitting back and letting my daughter enjoy the wonders of nature, exploring and of course getting grubby. Exploring, digging and playing with all our backyard has to offer.

  7. Samantha Savva says:

    My miss 3 1/2 is a HUGE fan of art’n’craft. Currently the most FUN thing to do is ice painting. So we freeze multi shapes of water in the freezer over night and then we head outdoors to ‘paint’ the ice with salt and food colouring. We have also recently experimented with normal paints, glitter, tactile objects and anything else she can get her hands on in her art’n’craft box. She loves see the different colours mix so this also turns into a bit of colour lesson also.

    The best part is also then painting herself and being able to be ‘hosed’ off afterwards!

  8. Gee, well I’ve got three grubs! Their absolute favourite Saturday morning activity is getting in the trailer of my husband’s ute, bumping round our block, and “helping” him shovel bark mulch over the gardens that we’ve been digging. Then, naturally, it’s under the sprinkler for a “bath” before traipsing mud through the house… but then, they say that dirt is cleaner than we think!

    Great comp. grace [email protected]

  9. At the moment my two fav boys love to look after thier mini gardens where they are growing herbs and strawberries. Our plan is to save our veggie patch from the weeds so that they can have a larger area to grow veggies in. It’s fun watching them start to pull weeds and quickly get sidetracked to hunting for treasure or making pets out of the snails.

  10. I have three boys and they all love to get dirty. We have a veggie patch in the garden and they all love digging, watering and harvesting (even the tiny carrots or the green tomatoes seem to get picked). They also love the beach, the river, the park or anywhere they can run wild and splash, dig or climb. They are lucky enough to be able to visit their grandparents and uncles on the farm from time to time and we are now dedicated fans of NatureScape in Perth’s Kings Park – a fantastic new resource which encourages lots of natural, outdoor play.

  11. My children are avid dirt girl fans – mr 3.5 loves the whole recycling concept. They are disadvantaged by having a mother who is willing in spirit – but in ability not so!!!! More failures than success in our garden, but the chooks are still alive :) we would love to have the added help!!

  12. My girls favourite way to get grubby in the backyard is to dig holes (where the dog has already dug) and then mix it up with water to make mud pies.

  13. My 3 year old loves jumping in muddy puddles at the park, using the mulch at the park to make “porridge”, gardening at grandfather’s, and liberally using paint at any given opportunity! She also LOVES pretending to be Dirt Girl, complete with matching hairstyle :)

  14. my kids’ number one favourite way to get grubby in the garden is to play a very industrious game they call ‘construction site’! This grubby outdoor activity involves finding a spot to dig a big hole, carrying away some dirt to another area whether by dump truck or bucket, filling a bucket of water to pour in the hole, and mixing up ‘cement’ which is then slapped on bricks or whatever outside objects they can get their hands on to build a wall or building. Hard hats are worn, a range of vehicles are used, buckets, shovels, spoons and other invented tools and equipment are gathered, and the end result is always one big muddy puddle to splash in! It involves many types of activities to get them moving, problem solving, being hands on with natural materials in the outdoors, as well as role playing, and working in a team, I actually enjoy watching them play (and sometimes joining in) ‘construction site’ alot!

  15. Johanna Kaurijoki-White says:

    my kids loves our garden we got rid of the swimming pool and built a nice garden for them insteead

  16. Johanna Kaurijoki-White says:

    they play that there is a jungle among the tomato and pea stakes, and use the dead leaves and green waste as rubbish collection on the tonka truck. and put some in our worm farm and some in our compost, they are out in rain hail or shine as they have proper rain gear on from Sweden, so there is no stopping in them.

  17. I’m a family day care educator, and I give the children
    I care for every opportunity to get down and dirty when ever possible
    The look on there face when they have dirt, mud, ect all over there body and
    Cloths is priceless. I think there waiting for some one to grumble at them about being so dirty. It’s all great fun. :-)

  18. My kids like to ‘cook’ when outside, sand or dirt (generally in a pot plant or at the park)! searching for snails is a current favourite too ! Hopefully soon we will have a proper backyard (one thats not a paved bricked in courtyard!) so they really can get out there and explore it all ! I really like Dirtgirl myself :)

  19. “Calling All Green Thumbs” – My son loves to get grubby in the backyard digging up the vegetables once they are ripe and turning the soil over looking for worms. He had a worm farm but the worms have now been put into the vegetable garden to work their magic!

  20. This is our first year of growing strawberries, blueberries and tomatoes. Every day involves foraging in the garden for fruity treats – especially good for the before dinner time grumps!

  21. My boy loves getting out in the backyard of our new house – he explores by picking weeds and running his fingers through dirt and watching the birds that congregate thanks to the bird feeders next door. Soon he will have a sandpit inspired by your design hopefully :) He also loves finding the tennis balls for the dog then playing keepings off with the dog! I love how his face lights up when we go outside, and he also loves music, so this sounds like the best prize ever! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  22. Genine Stubbings says:

    I love to garden and keeping the veggie garden is something we love to do together, has also helped with the kids eating more veggies:-). When ever we are digging in the garden the kids are always on the look out for worms, skinks and other creepy crawles we can find, there is always a big cheer when one is found and everyone come to investigate. Kids size tools make the job easier. We have welcomed some chickens to our family which has been eagly awaited by my mister 4 year, he now can’t wait to finish his dinner and go lock the chickens up for the night and count how many eggs we have got today

  23. My daughter’s favourite way to get grubby is to get naked first!
    We live in an apartment so we make do with pots. She uses her scissors to cut the chives, eats any strawberries that have popped out and picks all of my flowers as soon as they appear!

  24. Our two enjoy making cubby-houses for the chickens!

  25. my kids love the vegie patch, pulling out carrots and all that jazz. I don’t quite know what it is the baby does, he has a watering can and likes to help water but he always manages to come back with a grotty face, covered in dirt.

  26. My girls love to make potions, mud pies, plant seeds and hold the chooks. Anything that is possible to get filthy really lol

  27. We are Miss 2 and little Miss 4,
    We eat breakfast and head out the back door,
    The cubby house beckons, there’s no garden yet,
    But we are planning together, the kids and our pet,
    Yes Charlie the dog he has a say too,
    Because if we don’t consider him, he will plunder right through,
    We recycle the kitchen scraps into our Bokashi bin,
    Mountains of waste, get scraped right in,
    When the weather is cooler we give that waste to our worms,
    They turn it into soil which the girls play in, sans germs!
    The worms give us worm juice and our plants just love that,
    The bokashi bin gives juice too to help our vegies grow fat,
    Our fairy garden is fading as the summer sun sets in,
    It is now a silvery moon garden with plants that are thick not thin,
    In summer we get oranges and lemons too,
    We juice them and eat them and dye our celery blue,
    We save all the nettles for plants to make nettle soup,
    We leave it so long it turns into goop,
    We rescue ladybugs from our pool so they don’t drown,
    They eat the aphids on our roses so they don’t end up brown,
    We play in the mud with our outside tea sets,
    We water the garden with our super hose jet,
    Soon we will plant another shade tree,
    Because they cut down mums favourite lemon gum tree,
    The drought lifted the roots and cracked all the walls,
    It was so high it was dangerous if it falls,
    There is so much we learn in our backyard world
    And if it is too wet we sing inside to Dirt Girl.

  28. I must confess that playing in the garden is fairly new to our kids as they’ve mostly grown up in an apartment. Since moving, our kids have their own flower bed which they water fairly consistently. I’m amazed at how they create games using fallen palm leaves, concoct recipes and play going to the bakery. I haven’t seen Dirt Girl but after your review, I’m keen to check it out. Thanks

  29. I’ve never heard of this show. Can’t wait to check it out, thanks! My daughter loves playing outside…but doesn’t love getting too dirty…she usually just wants to play Rapunzel from the top of our tree house! But maybe these would help. :)

  30. We have just built our new house and there are so many places for the boys to get grubby. We have much landscaping to do and in the meantime there is dirt everywhere. I have also just bought some pots and seedlings and planted them yesterday. The boys had so much fun pulling out the seedlings and putting them in the wholes and then watering them. They went outside this morning and exclaimed “they are growing Mummy” with so much pride and joy in their voices.

  31. Masters 6 & 3 (nearly 4) love nothing better than to fill their sandpit with water and have a mudbath! It costs us a lot of sand but they have so much fun…

  32. Oh my… another DirtGirlWorld fan! My 4 year old (and I) love that show too. Aren’t the tunes amazing? I totally rock out to it. :D

    Scarlett loves “helping” in the garden, everything from carrying weeds and garden clippings to the bin, to watering our veggie patch with her own little watering can.

    She loves plucking tomatoes straight off the vine and eating them and in summer, getting clean is as simple as jumping in the paddling pool!

  33. My daughter, now 22 months, has been digging in the garden for quite a few months now. Her situation is complicated by her many severe food allergies and intolerances. I once imagined creating a simple food garden with her, growing tomatoes and herbs and peas and beans and pumpkin and watermelon. But she can’t eat any of that so now we work in the flower beds and borders, spreading mulch and pulling out weeds. She also has chronic eczema so we have to be careful to keep her skin covered as much as possible to protect her from irritants. Her favourite thing of all is to hose the garden or water it with her watering can.

    Here’s her watering with the can:

    And here’s a very short video of her hosing the garden all by herself:

    She absolutely loves dirtgirlworld and even though she has a speech delay she sings ‘err-gaa-waa’ with that catchy rising intonation. She loves it.

  34. Nicky Churms says:

    Our 18month old is spending her first summer in the garden tracing everything mum & dad do i/c pulling weeds, mowing (has her own noisey toy version), brushing up, tending the veggie patch (she thinks cherry toms are balls) picking up dog do – without the scooper!! Uck – but at least shes not allergic to soap & water!!

  35. Andrea Ferris says:

    We’ve recently created a veggie garden in our front yard which has become our 18 month old Molly’s favourite place to be. Every afternoon Molly dresses down to just a nappy and gumboots, and gets into the front yard for gardening. She waters the veggie patch and our recently laid turf, as well as helps pick any veggies or fruit that are ripe for eating or to be used in dinner. A lot of the time she’ll end up eating about a third of what was picked, she loves her fresh fruit and veggies!
    For those that don’t have veggie gardens, if you have the space I recommend you invest in setting one up. Not only is it fun for the kids to help out but they’re more than likely to eat the fruit and veggies that they helped plant and grow :)

  36. Both my girls LOVE playing outside and making up games. At the moment, they are loving using the vegie garden beds as a jungle for their toy animals. Plus making pets of all the snails!! I love that they love being outside.

  37. My 2 daughters just love being outside and getting dirty. They love to make mud pies or cakes and add decorations and candles and sing happy birthday! They are always mixing up a “concotion” using dirt, sand and whatever else they can find outside and mixing it with water stolen from the dogs water bowl! Another favorite pass time is splashing around in the massive puddle we get after lots of rain in a low lying area of the backyard. Basically they love being outside having a wonderful time which makes me so happy as I grew up on a farm and we were always outside and loved it.
    The messages and information they both learn from DirtGirl is amazing. My eldest daughter who is nearly 5 is often told she looks just DirtGirl ;-)

  38. My daughter loves getting grubby in her fairy garden. We’ve planted sunflowers, marigolds, basil and chives amongst pretty stones and fairy statues. She also loves to jump in muddy puddles like Peppa :)

    The show has introduced composting, wildlife in the garden and recycling to Miss 3, and she loves it!

    A sad fact: I woke up from my emergency c-section under a GA singing the tune to Dirtgirlworld in my head! It took me a second to realise where I was and that I’d had a baby!

  39. Big Dirtgirl fans here! My girls have a nice sandpit but much rather getting grubby in the black sand. They make ‘birthday cakes’ and hold pretend birthday parties. Which is adorable, until they decide to bring one inside to show Mum!

  40. What a great give away! One very grubby afternoon my 3yo son, who is absolutely obsessed with dinosaurs, called me over to the sandpit. Using stones, sticks, tree nuts, leaves, and other bits collected on our walks and from the garden, he had recreated a t-rex skeleton in the sandpit. He excitedly told us about his dinosaur and the features he had included (eg. eyes, arms etc). I was quite impressed with his creativity and very pleased I had kept all those bits and pieces lying around.

  41. Miss Five loves getting grubby digging for worms and placing them near the the flower plants to help them grow. But not in full view of any hungry magpies! She also likes getting slimy with snails, and is starting to get the hint that she shouldn’t put the slimy snails near the rocket lettuce seedlings … if she wants them to survive! She loves planting seeds in the garden – lettuce, flowers, watermelons – but doesn’t understand why they don’t grow in an hour, or overnight. To be patient is something she’s still learning!

  42. My 2.5 years old nephew loves to play outdoors! He plays with anything: sand, earth, water, wood… He just love to fix things “like daddy does” and when you ask him what he wants for Christmas he says “a chain sword and a rope to go in the fruits trees and cut the branches”, if you ask him why do you need a rope, he says ” because otherwise I might fall off the tree and hurt my head”…how funny, he is not even 3 !!!!

  43. My two kiddos love playing together outside. Their favourite thing to do at the moment is getting dirty in the one patch of dirt we have. Digging and playing with their big dump trucks and plenty of squishing around in the mud. Dirty but great fun