Inside the Cover: Playing With Water

It is hot on our side of the world at the moment. So hot that spending a lot of time outside to play can become quite unpleasant.  Needless to say, water features regularly in our outdoor play during these hot summer months.

Whether it be stirring up concoctions in the paddle pool,

water play

Spraying the graffiti wall (or each other),

water play

Conducting our own rescue operation,

water play

Or ‘washing’ our toys,

water play

We find a shady spot and try to stay a little bit cool in the overwhelming heat.

Water play is a valuable sensory activity and provides for wonderful open-ended exploration of all manner of scientific and mathematical concepts. And it doesn’t have to stop when the weather cools down. Playing with water even when it is cold outside, just takes a little forethought and preparation and you can find my simple-to-implement tips for playing with water in the cooler months in Issue 2 of Play Grow Learn. With 55 pages of play for children aged 0-5, and contributors from all around the world, you are sure to find inspiration for playtime at your house!

play grow learn activity ideas

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  1. My kids are water babies too. I remember doing the old ice-chip rescue thing A LOT especially in summer. Endless fun!

  2. love this entry :)


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