Moments to Remember…

January has been filled with moments that I want to wrap up in tissue paper and never forget. Here are just a few…

Playing ~ Lego. Immy was given Lego for the first time this Christmas and she is loving it. We make castles and cottages and stables and cars and caravans… and when we run out of bricks or boards we pull them apart and make them again :)

Creating ~ There has been lots of acrylic easel painting going on around here. And then Immy found a pad of tracing paper that is a bit translucent and made this drawing with oil pastels. Called “Dandelion Blowing,” I love it! The sense of movement in those little swirls makes my heart sing.

Learning ~ To slip n slide at a friend’s birthday party. It took a few go-s but she got it and then you couldn’t keep her off it!

Listening ~ It all started with a complimentary copy of the soundtrack of the musical Wicked that we were given a little while ago. Dad 101 popped it into the car CD player one day and Immy fell in love with it. That led to me telling the story (from memory) of The Wizard of Oz. Then we downloaded a dramatised audio version of the story for Immy’s ipod which she listens to at rest time. We borrowed an  illustrated copy of the story (The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, Illustrated by Michael Foreman. Pavilion Children’s Books, 2002) from the library and read it together and downloaded a copy of the original movie soundtrack songs. We have been living and breathing The Wizard of Oz over here this month!

Reading ~ With Immy starting four year old kindy in just five more sleeps, we have been reading and re-reading our books about starting kindy. The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn is both mine and Immy’s favourite.

Visiting ~ The local pool to keep cool. Catching the train into the city to visit the Perth Museum with friends. A travelling baby animal nursery at our local library. A wonderful morning at a park by the beach with friends.

Watching ~ Charlie and Lola’s Best Bestest Play at the State Theatre of WA (unfortunately we were not allowed to take any photos in the actual theatre).

Making ~ There is nothing quite like a fresh batch of playdough, especially when we haven’t made any for a while. Immy has spent hours creating with playdough ever since we made this batch. We use this cooked playdough recipe.

What were your most memorable moments from the past month? Feel free to share in the comments or to create your own ‘moments to remember’ post and leave a link in the comments.

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  1. Love your moments! Especially the Wizard of Oz. My grandparents’ vacation house had a copy, and I reread it every summer. I didn’t get into the rest of the series as much, but I have heard great things about it. Perhaps when my boy is a bit older, we’ll give those books a go.

  2. I love how you capture these memories. I am such a forgetful person and usually forgets to write things down that now I take photos just so that I can save them somewhere to remember them.

    This month, I think the memory I want to keep the most is when the Lil Tiger’s face light up and yelled DADDY at the top of her lungs at a friends bbq when she saw my husband coming up the driveway. My heart burst of joy! :)

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