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Last year I created a personal manifesto or list of intentions for living in 2011. This year, as I face such a busy start to the year, I have compressed my manifesto into one word…


As I look ahead at the busyness of living, parenting, work commitments, a rather large writing task (which I will share more about soon), Immy starting school, as well as being pregnant and preparing for a new baby and the impact he/she will have on our family, I need to take a deep breath and work at maintaining a sense of balance.


1. a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of amount, etc.
2. something used to produce equilibrium; counterpoise.
3. mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behaviour, judgment, etc.

I am guessing I will particularly need to focus on the third definition point!

Do you have a family or parenting related resolution for 2012?

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  1. Balancing life can be a real challenge. I wish you all the luck for 2012 and all the joy it will bring you!

  2. I’ve been thinking about my ‘goals’ for this year and balance is a good summary of what I would like to aspire to. Thank you. It’s going to be a wonderful year x

  3. My main focus is
    Balance and Organisation.

    That way the other things I want to achieve should be easier to do.

    Happy New Year

  4. My word this year is laughter. I need to loosen up, stop and smell the roses, and see the humor in life’s challenges. Laughing, that’s what 2012 will have more of, for me and mine. Happy new year!

  5. My word for the year is sleep! I have been scraping by on far too little and it has finally caught up with me – I have been sick in bed for the past 4 days. Now my baby is through his first year I’m aiming to get a bit more sleep this year and hopefully a lot of other things will then fall into place!

    • Oh no, so sorry to hear you are unwell. Sleep and rest are so important, especially for busy mamas. Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery and a wonderful 2012 to you and your lovely family :)

  6. Snap- my status update on FB for New Year was about balance too!

  7. Balance is such a good focus Christie. I hope you have more luck with your word this year than I did with mine last year. My ‘word’ last year was ‘wellbeing’. I failled dismally. I think it was because I was stressing about ‘being calm’ ‘eating well’ and doing everything right so much that I forgot to have fun. I don’t have a ‘word’ this year….but I do want to have a whole lot more fun.

    Likewise for a parenting/family resolution. I want to stop thinking too much about what we ‘should’ be doing and just get out and have more fun.

  8. Gratitude. I’m hoping to improve my outlook!

  9. COURAGE. That is my word and focus for 2012 – being brave enough to pursue my goals and not be held back by fear of failure; being brave enough to parent the way I think is right for my children without being constrained by fear of social or familial disapproval.

  10. Maxabella says:

    A very good word indeed. But impossible? I guess we shall see as your year progresses – if anyone can find that elusive balance, it is you, you, you! I wish you every good thought for achieving it. Happy, shiny new year, Christie! x

  11. Joy is my word for 2012 which to borrow from the NY Times, is the deeper happiness the “kind of happiness that doesn’t depend on what happens.” Happy new year everyone :)

  12. LOVE this word! One I think I’ll be working on for the rest of my life!

  13. I want to be in the present moment more, and not worry about the little things!! :)

  14. I really wanted to “BALANCE” to be my 2012 word but in the end I settled on 3 – Wellness, Wealth and Connection ( – which lead to… balance???

    Best of luck with your pregnancy, new bub, magazine, blog, Immy at preschool – right, yes, I see where your word is coming from!

    Happy 2012 Christie. Best wishes!!!

  15. Balance – Just beautiful. I love it. So simple, and yet encompasses so much. My word for 2012 is joy, but I really hope that I achieve balance in my life as well.
    x Sannah

  16. Good luck for this year and all the joys and challenges it brings Christie! I can’t wait to hear more about your large writing task!!

  17. You do have a lot to balance this (exciting) year Christie, and balance is a fine word – much more composed than juggle! My word is Focus. I want to act more purposefully, finish projects before starting new ones and quit thinking I can do ten things at once (properly). Wishing you a fabulous (and perfectly balanced) year!


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