A Recipe for Learning

In a large mixing bowl combine…

playful learning reading

A whole cup of CURIOSITY
(I am a child, I am naturally curious)

playful learning

A dash or three of RELEVANCE
(I learn best when what I am learning is meaningful to my own experiences in the physical world)

playful learning writing

A pint of INTEREST
(I am most motivated to learn when I am engaged and interested in the topic at hand)

playful learning

A good dose of VARIETY
(I like to learn things in lots of different ways)

playful learning

A smidgen of PURPOSE
(I like you to know that I can be helpful)

playful learning

A heaped tablespoon of PROBLEM SOLVING
(to really get me thinking)

playful learning

(it is through active interaction with objects, places and people that I acquire knowledge)

playful learning

And more than pinch of PLAYFUL FUN.

Stir together with…

(to explore, experience, grow and mature)

playful learning

(to guide, pose challenges and push my thinking further)

And FRIENDS to learn alongside
(sharing with others helps to reinforce my own learning)

…and you have a RECIPE FOR LEARNING!

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  1. That’s beautiful, Christie, and utterly true. I think our household is doing OK for most of the ingredients (especially the “active” bit!) although sometimes a bit more focus on time would be good … lovely post.

  2. I love this. A perfect way to balance your day or week with your kids! If you can check off all of those ingredients you are doing A LOT of things right!

  3. Shared this post on my FB page ( Wonderful tips, wonderful post! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  4. What a beautiful post. I’m going to print this out and hang it somewhere.

  5. Loved this post. Thanks Christie. I find the “purpose” bit is especially important for my Miss 3 – she loves to be helpful.

  6. What a great post, a fun way to remember what your little one needs.

  7. Great tips and photos!

  8. I love the ideas behind this “recipe”. Good to remember for me with my students! Thanks you for sharing!

  9. Wendi F. Siegel, Ed.D. says:

    Beautiful….although, I would have liked to have seen more diverse photos.

    Thank you for sharing.

  10. Yes. And yours is a healthy recipe too. -heather

  11. Thanks, I learnt a lot from that post too! We practiced a little relevance yesterday – it was fun too.

  12. Thank you so much for this! do I have your permission to post it in my classroom?

  13. A beautiful post, gorgeous photos.

  14. I LOVE this! I work in a Kindergarten and would love to print this and display it in our room. So I know who to give credit to… are you the author?

  15. LOVE IT! The secret ingredient is love.

    The best gift a parent gives is love and time. It is an investment in a life for a life-time. – The Joy of Learning Guy

    Tony, The Joy of Learning Guy

  16. is there a way to get a copy to print that is more condensed? i love this.

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