The ABC of Child Care

Some time ago I put my experiences as a child care centre director to work with a series of posts for parents entitled, The ABC of Child Care. At the time I was asked to consider putting the posts into a printable document format for parents to download and print. The task sat on my to-do list for much too long but following a thorough refresh I am pleased to now present The (Updated) ABC of Child Care as a free downloadable PDF.

Providing parents with a guide to child care that explores everything from the physical environment to staffing, meals to toileting, illness to the early learning program, and everything in between, the ABC of Child Care aims to help parents consider what is most important to them when choosing child care for their child, including question prompts to ask when looking at potential day care centres. The document also include a summary checklist to help you keep track of your impressions when considering a new centre.

From the introduction;

“High quality child care is important. Research indicates that high quality care is associated with improved learning and developmental outcomes for young children.

The ABC of Child Care is both a guide for parents looking at child care options for the first time and a resource for all parents with children in care, helping parents to understand what high quality child care looks like in practice. After all, we all share the responsibility to ask questions and expect results when it comes to the environment and people caring for and educating our youngest and most impressionable citizens.”

You can download your copy of The ABC of Child Care here.

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  1. this is sooo crazy because a friend and I wanted to write a book about child care/daycare and we called the ABCs of childcare…i was just going through it, we didn’t get every letter accomplished and its funny to see what we thought was important 3 years ago to what I find important now! I downloaded your book and plan on reading it! thanks!!

  2. Thankyou soooooo much Christie, I’m only part way through, but I’ve already so many things I hadn’t thought of! Really appreciate it :)

  3. Thank you! Perfect timing. We are finding the transition to child care very difficult for all of us.


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