Going Screen Free: 45 Activities Printable Now Available in 6 Languages

I was thrilled with how popular the recent 45 activities printable from this post, More Things to Do Instead of Turning On the TV, was. And then Edd Turner, a British trainee kindergarten teacher living in Germany, contacted me with the offer to translate the printable into German, and to use his networks to find others who could help to translate it into a host of other languages!

To date, the printable has been translated into six languages and they can all be downloaded here. Just click on the text link of image below to be taken to the downloadable file. A big thank you to Edd and the other translators.







Please note: These were translated by non-native speakers as an informational service to the global community. Childhood 101 does not assume responsibility for any errors contained herein.

I read an interesting fact* about TV viewing this week, that more brain cells are active when sleeping than when watching TV! Coincidentally, this week is Screen Free Week in the US. Of course, any hour, day or week can be declared screen free in your own home and I hope the activity ideas printable helps you to take time to switch off and play whenever you feel that a little screen free time could be beneficial to your own family.

To print: Created at A4 page size you might need to select “Fit to printable area” (or similar) depending upon your printer type and paper size.

*I say ‘fact’ but have not personally researched to verify this information and I cannot testify to how reliable the source was.

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  1. I can tell that the french document is well translated ;-) THANK YOU !

  2. Oh how lovely!! We speak German at home so it is perfect for us!!!

  3. I have read the same *fact about brain activity more than once – I think you can be pretty confident in its validity. Great list!

  4. This would be nice to frame and give to each parent as a gift.

  5. This is fantastic! I am not the most creative thinker so I’ll be printing this out and hanging it in the kids activity area for a bit of inspiration. Thank you. :)

  6. This is great and will be printed, framed and put up on the wall at Crash Palace ;)

  7. Glad you like it!

    I’ll be running the project on a back burner, and get in touch if I get any more translations…

  8. This is great Christie, I am going to print this and frame it and put it up on the kids wall.

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