Enjoy Musical Playtime with Your Baby

AJ and I enjoy musical play time together most days and I thought I would show you a little of what our music time together looks like with a short video.

As i mentioned in the clip, these are my tips for enjoying a music time with your baby;

~ Make sure your baby is fed, has a clean nappy, isn’t tired and is generally happy.

~ Keep sessions short and follow your baby’s cues. There is no point persisting if your baby is too cranky to enjoy it.

~ Choose somewhere comfortable to sit and make sure your baby is well supported (especially their head). You could also sit on the floor with your baby laying in front of you on a blanket or mat.

~ Engage your baby with eye contact, facial expressions, touch and your voice. Don’t worry if you don’t have the world’s greatest singing voice (I certainly don’t), your baby just cares that you sound like you :)

~ Adapt nursery rhymes and childhood songs to include simple actions, using your child’s feet and hands.

If Immy is home she will often join in as well which adds an extra element of fun and playfulness for both girls. It is lovely to see them bond in this way and it helps Immy to learn how to be gentle with her little sister.

Do you sing with your baby? Would it be helpful if I shared some of the other songs we enjoy in a future video?

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  1. My Little Miss 4 and I have always sung and danced together, she now makes up her own songs and dances and I love all of them.

    • Immy recently ‘performed’ her own song and dance composition for our family at her Dad and Aunt’s birthday party. We video-ed it andI am so glad we did. It was a classic :)

      • Margaret Elvis says:

        I was so glad to be a spectator when Immy did her song and dance and would love to see the video. That was a wonderful morning.

  2. We do row row row your boat, if you’re happy and you know it, this little piggy, hickory dickory dock, heads shoulders knees and toes and so many others. What a fun age and then when they can sing along too… absolute joy! I loved teaching simple things like up and down, open and close… you can do lots of actions for these sorts of things. My son’s absolute fave is something from my days in primary school.

    You draw on baby’s belly/back and say:

    Spider crawling up your front (*or back) (here I walk my fingers up)
    Cool breeze (blow on baby’s belly/back)
    Tight squeeze (gently squeeze baby, I like the sides as thats where my son is the most ticklish)
    Now you have the shiveries!

    Get someone to try it on your back so you can see what it feels like :D

  3. My Children love music we would always sing. Now they are older we still use it as a calming device, when they are fighting with each other or when they are just grump or moody, i will put music on and they will start dancing and singing and then everything is normal again. Music is a great thing.

  4. Margaret Elvis says:

    That was a great video. Thank you for sharing. I too have never had what one would call a great singing voice but I always enjoyed singing to and with my children. Even when they were quite grown (8 and 10) we used to sing Beatles songs together which was fun too.

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