LYBFL: Clearing the Clutter of Kids Toys

My first pre-Christmas housekeeping task has to be the TOYS! Not only because there is sure to be more added to the collection in the next few months but also because the baby is becoming more and more mobile by the day and some serious babyproofing is in order!

So my plan is to;

  • Separate out any toys that Immy has grown out of and pack them away for AJ to grow into,
  • Reorganise the remaining toys to ensure that any with small pieces are stored out of reach of particularly little fingers,
  • Make sure that each set of toys is stored in the most suitable container and that each container is clearly labelled.

For those who would like to join me in clearing the kid toy clutter, here are some previous posts about organising kids stuff that you might find useful;

Do you have a pre-Christmas toy clean out at your house?

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  1. Like a jolt to the system, this post was needed today. I have GOT to get clearing out!!! x

  2. ahhh I need to do a big clear out before the onslaught of the Christmas presents. Great timing, I will put it on the to do list.

  3. This is my job this week. It’s big and ugly but it needs to be done.

  4. I have just done this. Cleared and sorted. It was blissful for about a minute and then the kids started playing and everything got all disorderly again. I think the labels are my missing link! Great series. x

  5. We have just done the same, but also sorted out all the clothes, I now have a bigger boys clothes box, a bigger girls clothes box, a too small girls clothes box to pass onto the next baby girl and a large too small boys clothes box to pass onto the nephews. All the old toys are bound for either daycare or the op shop.

  6. I feels like I am constantly de-cluttering!
    This is a great time of year to do it though because there are more toys, games etc on the way!

  7. Please consider donating outgrown quality toys to a charity or to a toy library in your local area. Or even joining a toy library, where you may minimize toy clutter in your home and reduce land fill and your carbon footprint on the environment.

    Thanks Carlisle/Victoria Park Toy Library

  8. No, I’ve not done this yet and we seriously need to. Not only will there be Christmas but Maddie turns 4 early Jan so there’s even more new toys and stuff that enters the house. Time for a serious clean out. Thanks for the inspiration. Shall have to have a look at your labels :)


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