Our Play Space: A Tour of Immy’s Cubby House

This post was first published in April, 2011.

As Immy’s birthday is so near Christmas, my extended family decided to put our funds together to buy her one big present instead of giving many small gifts. And you can’t get much bigger than a wooden cubby house!  Inspired by The Grugly House over on the lovely Happy Home blog (though I am not claiming to be anywhere near as beautifully creative) we have spent the past few weekends decorating the inside of the cubby. So come inside, join us, it’s so nice of you to visit…

Have a seat, the kettle is on, do you take sugar in your tea?

The chairs? Why they were a find at the recycling centre at our local tip. A scrub and fresh paint and they look like new! Yes, that is left over yellow paint as seen in a certain art space in the big house.

Feel free to draw if you feel inspired?

It’s amazing what you can achieve with a can of blackboard paint!

The bunting? Well we are a little bunting mad around here. This one and the one on the verandah were pre-loved at our fairy birthday party you may recall. Did you see our mobiles hanging on the verandah as well?

Time to go? Let me get your cape for you, you never know when a superhero will be called upon to save the day!

Thank you for visiting, it was so lovely of you to call by, be sure to come again!

Looking for more inspiration for the kid’s spaces in your home? I have a fun Kid’s Spaces board on Pinterest. If you are on Pinterest, you can follow me here.

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  1. I love Immy’s playhouse. What a fantastic idea for a Christmas gift. We are going to be moving soon and I have been thinking about building a playhouse in the backyard for my 3 girls (ages 5 yrs, 2 yrs and 2months old) I love it!

    I love reading your website.

  2. We have the same cubby house I think. We bought ours for Juniors 3rd birthday and my boys get lots of fun out of it (although it never stays as neat and tidy as Immy’s is!). I love your chalk board – I bought a small tin of black board paint ages ago with plans of making a big outdoor board for the boys but it hasn’t happened yet – perhaps the cubby house is the ideal place. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. That is SO cute and wonderful. I bet she just adores it. I love the mushrooms outside of the door, a nice woodland touch :)

  4. What a wonderful idea!

  5. I love Immy’s cubby! We invested in a similar style one for our two boys but I must admit it is not as sweet and tidy as Immy’s… My boys insist on calling it their ‘garden shed’ and it is overflowing with lawn-mowers and wheel barrows and footballs (we need plural of everything to keep the peace). Despite the fact that we store so much in there they still spend lots of time in their cubby, but I am inspired now to give it a clear out. I nice addition we have made to our cubby house is to install a matching veggie patch next door where the boys grow all sorts of fruit that the eat straight from the vine.

  6. I wouldn’t mind a divvy house like that all of my kids, well they would be over the moon!

  7. That is meant to say fancy. I love auto correct so much.

  8. Oh Immy, your little house is beautiful, you’re a very lucky little lady! :)

    We have a very similar cubbyhouse as Immy’s – we bought ours 4 -5 years ago. We also did some little ‘renovation’ about 3-4 years ago, and painted the inside white and put floorboard lino down too. The kids had a great time painting the inside.

    I’ve been on Rob’s case for ages to make a chalkboard that folds down to a table, won’t hold my breath… lol I’ll have to do a cubby-house post one day!

  9. I must do similar and show you what we did with our very unused cubby! Will get back to you with the post.

  10. That looks amazing :) my girls would be very envious.

  11. Oh, lucky Immy. That’s a fabulous cubby. Love that toadstool at the door. :-)

  12. This is so amazing! How wonderful it is for Immy to have fun, fun and more fun in this little wooden house of hers :-O

  13. It really is a girls cubby house. We have the same for our 2 boys (5&3). It was already about 6 years old when we bought it so we’ve painted the outside to spruce it up a little. Still need to do the inside, and furnish some more, but it’s hard to not make it too girly!

    • Someone else left a similar comment on Facebook recently and I suggested buying a pre-loved wooden kitchen and giving it a paint job if it is too girly or installing a workbench and make it a ‘tool shed’ cubby.

  14. And where was the “mushroom” at the front door purchaesed from? It’s just gorgeous!

  15. What a special little space! Thank-you for having us today Immy! Loved the tea!

  16. GREAT cubby :)

  17. That looks like such a magical place to be in! Immy is so lucky! :)

  18. Now that is delightful! What a lovely place to play. The very cute bunting out the front makes it look very inviting and I love the homemade blackboard. Did you make the hooks yourself? Love them too. I want to come and play!

  19. So jealous! what a perfect little play area. When she gets older she can have her own club house:)

  20. When can I move in? x

  21. What a fun place to play! We never had a cubby as kids. I remember my cousin’s cubby, it was fantastic. Really it was small but just the perfect place to have a rest and a little tea party.

  22. What a gorgeous cubby house Immy has! Little Miss B is getting a hand-me-down cubby this weekend from our neighbours that needs some ‘renovations’ so you have given me plenty of ideas. I absolutely love the white walls and the blackboard. I think we might add a little veggie patch and/or some planter boxes to ours as well.

    Thanks for sharing x

  23. We finished building our cubby a couple of weeks ago. We decided to cut costs a little by building it in the back corner and using the fence for two of the walls. It won’t be water tight in heavy rain but we did enjoy playing in it yesterday while a storm passed over and noone got wet. We also have a new housing estate going in next to our estate so got some great materails from the skips that we were able to use. The carpet off cuts were a great find. As my girls are quite tall my husband decided to make it quite tall, high enough for me to stand up with room to spare (I am only 150cm). We’ve started to paint the inside and will slowly continue to add to it but atm my girls aren’t worried about how it looks, they just love cooking and playing in it. Cubby’s are a great idea. They’re a little house just for my kids and I’m sure there’s going to be many more hours of play as my children grow up.

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