Our School Holiday Survival Plan

Over the past week or so schools around Australia have been breaking up for an extended school holiday period. We have seven weeks of freedom from organised activities between now and school returning and with Immy heading off to five full days of pre-primary (otherwise known as prep or kindergarten) next year I want to take full advantage of our time together with fun, laughter and shared adventures. At the same time I know we need a good balance of activities so that everyone has time to rest and restore after a very busy year plus I still have ongoing work commitments…plus we have a baby to work around too! So here is how I am tackling our plan for the holidays…

ADVENTURE: Too often we have a tendency to stay at home hanging out in our PJs if left to our own devices and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, I need to be more organised if we are to make the most of our holiday time. Our list of adventurous possibilities currently includes;

Museum  *  Beach  *  Picnic  *  Miniature village  *  Zoo  *  City  *  Art gallery  *  Environment centre  *  Fairy shop 

Most of these are reasonably local as AJ is not at all enamoured with travelling in the car!  Frequency: Once a week.

SOCIALISE: We are only a few days in and Immy is already finding it an adjustment to not have her school buddies to play with every other day so I think meeting up with friends to play will be a must.  Frequency: Once or twice a week.

CREATE: With our recent reorganisation of the playroom, our creative space has moved across the room. I had a good clean out of the art supplies and Immy will be finding quite a number of fresh supplies in her Christmas  stocking. So far, time to create has been a part of each and every day of the holidays – mostly due to the Christmas card making studio I set up a few weeks ago. I am sure the arrival of a bundle of new supplies will see this trend continue :)  Frequency: Probably everyday.

READ: Immy and I both have a passion for books and we read together everyday anyway. I foresee a number of visits to our local library for fresh reading fodder and books enjoyed pretty much anywhere and everywhere!  Frequency: Without a doubt – everyday.

BREATHE: I find time outdoors so important to the flow and energy of our day, providing us all with fresh air and space to stretch and breathe. With our hot summer well underway I am sure that water play will feature strongly but I think we will also take advantage of cooler days to explore some new-to-us parks around our community. Frequency: Daily.

REST: I can tell Immy is tired after her first year of kindy so on stay-at-home days I am expecting her to have some down time while AJ takes her afternoon nap. Immy doesn’t have to sleep (though often does take a short nap) but she does have to have some quiet time in her room. Audio stories are a favourite in out house and I have added quite a few new stories to the iPod which is pretty much always in use during quiet time. We are also sure to make good use of a number of the activities from this post – Q is for Quiet Play Activities. Frequency: Most days.

PLAY: Although going on adventures is lots of fun, I truly believe that big blocks of free time to play is one of the greatest gifts I can give my child this holiday. Too soon her life is going to be filled to overflowing thanks to full time school and the everyday routines of family life, so this time to imagine, create, construct, dance, sing, run or think (whatever she chooses to do) is essential to her growth and development. Frequency: Daily.

For those looking for boredom busters or more inspiration for school holiday fun, why not;

  • Take a tour of Playopedia which has recently been updated with a fresh batch of play ideas suitable for kids of all ages. Subscribe via email or RSS to be automatically informed as new ideas are added throughout the school holidays.
  • Invest in Play Grow Learn – each issue is filled with playful inspiration for parents and educators of children aged 0-5 years.
  • Check out this list of 45 Things to Do Instead of Turning on the TV.

How do you plan to spend your time these school holidays?


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  1. I’m bookmarking and sharing this post, as I think this pretty much sums up a wonderfully balanced summer holiday. Hopefully, we’ll also do some “recording” through photos and keeping a journal – with both of us doing the “work” of taking photos, telling stories and writing it all down. It’s such a precious time, while he is so young (6yo), that I really don’t want it to fade into forgotten memories.

  2. Great plan Christie!
    I would be interested to know where you get your audio books from. That’s probably something that Hannah would be interested in doing while Abbie naps. I’m always looking for new things to keep her occupied.
    I think it’s going to be long summer for Hannah because she thrives off of the school & organised activity routine. So I will have to be organised :)

  3. Great plan and ideas Christie.

  4. Great Post!
    It is always great to have ideas for the holidays.

  5. Lots of good ideas and reminders! Looks like you will be VERY busy! Enjoy!

  6. Beautiful suggestions Christie. I think we’ll be going to the science centre this holiday. I can’t wait!

  7. Love your ideas for the holidays. Will aim to create, read, breathe, rest and play! Great website!

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