Creating a Space of Their Own: Displaying Kid’s Treasures

A packet of 3M Velcro Strips and her choice of wall space was all we needed for the next stage of Immy’s bedroom makeover. She had a collection of treasured artworks that she had been keeping which were way overdue in being hung. She decided which area of wall she wanted to hang them in and the arrangement and I helped with the velcro strips so that we can be sure they actually stay stuck to the wall.

Childhood 101 | Displaying Childrens Art
Her gallery includes (clockwise from top left): her tape art monogram, a mixed media artwork on canvas, a poster she made about herself when she was in kindergarten, two fairy sticky mosaics that she really enjoyed completing, and her hand stitched rainbow. I am sure that this will be added to by my prolific artist before too long. We also have plans to print out some photos of Immy’s choosing to add. Of course, your child’s treasures might be completely different to ours – maps, flags, posters, photos, garlands,  artworks, ticket stubs – are all reasonably flat treasures that can be easily displayed.

Immy’s treasure gallery took less than half an hour to display and she is really proud of it, so in my book this little project was a win.

Does your child have a space to display personal treasures?

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