Our Family Memory Bank: Making the Most of the Journey

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children. – Charles R. Swindol

Making family memories - make the most of the journey

I don’t know about you but sometimes we get to the end of the weekend and I wonder where the time has gone. In between the busyness of catching up on the regular cleaning, washing, gardening, home maintenance and work stuff, and the spattering of out-of-school commitments and birthday parties for the school girl to attend,  there often doesn’t seem to be much time left to chill out and enjoy us – our small family unit of four.

Our family memory bank - making the most of the journey

Our recent family road trip to Busselton was for just three days but the time together and the memories we made were so precious that it has made me determined to look for more regular opportunities to seize the moment and do something simple but special to make positive deposits in the memory banks of all of our family memories, but especially the children. Each month I plan to share a prompt – one idea for making memories as a family – and I hope you will join the memory making fun during the month that follows. The prompt will be broad so you will be able to interpret it in a way that suits your family.

If you do join us, I would love to hear more about your family’s adventures – you are welcome to share a comment or a photo here on the blog, over on the Childhood 101 Facebook page or via Twitter, Instagram or G+. Just add the hashtag #ourfamilymemorybank and @childhood101 on social media so I can be sure to follow along.

Our family memory bank - making the most of the journey

Our Family Memory Bank #1
Making the Most of the Journey

When I think of family holidays from my childhood some of the strongest memories I have are of the journey with my family. The often hot and sweaty car ride, squeezed between siblings or cousins, that seemed to go on forever! But you know what, there are so many happy feelings I have associated with these trips – everyone singing 99 Green Bottles Hanging on the Wall, playing VW Beetle spotto or Last Letter with country names, my brother’s hilarious I Spy turn that no one could guess – B for Benetian Blind will do that, listening to my older cousin’s latest cassette on her very grown up walkman. Such simple things, not costing a cent that leave an everlasting impression on small minds because of the fun and laughter, repetition and proximity to people that they love.

So this month’s prompt is to find a fun way to make the most of the journey. Not necessarily a holiday journey, but those everyday car trips that your family makes – to school, the shops, after school activities, the grandparents house – wherever! Here are some fun ideas to get you started…

  • Did you know that each morning that we drive to school our car is pulled along by a magical flock of pegasi? The two at the front, Goldie and Melody, are more than a little bossy and get us all into the car and on our way with more than a skip in our step. Given that my girls are small and love imagining this playful scenario (which was actually dreamed into existence by Immy) makes an everyday journey just that little bit magical. It is so funny to see AJ pretending to pull on the reins and to hear the girls giddy up the pegasi as we head off each time.
  • Make up a continuous story: One person starts the story off and pauses at a pivotal point in the narration, nominating which family member has to continue on with the telling.
  • Declare the journey device free, turn down the music and just allow quiet time to invite your children to talk with you. This can be especially useful for connecting when you are travelling with just one child.

 I can’t wait to hear your ideas for making the most of the journey. Feel free to leave a comment here or a photo via social media sharing a little about your everyday journeys. Remember to add the hashtag #ourfamilymemorybank and @childhood101 so I can be sure to follow along.

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  1. Margaret Elvis says:

    Even I remember some of those car trips down to Gracetown and we all had so much fun…remember when we stopped at the sign that said “Whistle here” and all the cows came own to the fence? Also the holidays when you and your 2 sisters came with Pop and me on holidays. Happy memories for me and I hope for you as well.
    It’s a good idea to make up an album of hard copies of photographs as well as just having them in your computer. Something for your youngsters to look back on when they are middle-aged perhaps. Just a suggestion. xx

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. you inspired me and im so much looking forward to a long family trip planned in for february. for the past couple of seconds ive been getting sillions of ideas popping up on my head, need to write them down before they vanish. ill update you on what succeeded and what failed once we are back.

  3. suzz spencer says:

    We play spot the Eddie stobart truck with my nephew ( he loves Eddie stobart)


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