15 Good, Old Fashioned Family Meal Ideas

15 Good Old Fashioned Family Meal Ideas via Childhood 101

When it comes to menu planning there are weeks when I want nothing more than to fall back on some good, old fashioned favourites – those that I know the kids will eat and that take little thought from me in the kitchen! We seem to go through phases when many of these meal ideas are on high rotation and then they fall away, forgotten thanks to a change of season or just because we (and by ‘we’ I mean Dad 101 and I) have had enough of the same thing served week in and week out. Inevitably, these forgotten items will be rediscovered somewhere down the road and before you know it, they are right back in favour once again! So here are 15 good, old fashioned family favourites that you might just be ready to re-discover, or to even try a new twist on an old favourite. The bonus, many of these are great for batch cooking and freeze really well so you can easily double up and save one for later :)

1. Is there really anything kids love more than spaghetti bolognese? Kyrstie of A Fresh Legacy’s recipe rocks.

2. Alternatively, this pantry pasta is simple to make from pantry staples and easy to vary according to what is left in your cupboards at the end of the shopping week.

3. Spaghetti lentilese from Picklebums is a winning vegetarian bolognaise alternative for those who prefer a meat free meal.

4. Tuna pasta mightn’t look very special but it will literally cook more quickly than the time it takes for the takeaway delivery boy to arrive! And it’s actually my five year old’s favourite dish of all times.

5. Tuna and vegetable rice bake is a big hit around these parts too.

6. Shepherds (or cottage) pie is an oldie but a goodie and our recipe is simple enough for a five year old to make! (albeit one experienced in the kitchen)

7. Homestyle bangers (sausages) and mash is a real winner with toddlers and super easy to adapt to include pretty much whatever you have hiding in the fridge or pantry.

8. A classic homemade meat pie is a fabulous belly warmer, especially when it’s cold outdoors. We love this version from Planning with Kids.

9. Our easy chicken and vegetable pie includes handy instructions for freezing and reheating so why not save time by whipping up a double batch?

10. These chicken patties are both wheat and dairy free – using rolled oats in the place of flour.

11. Marinated chicken kebabs from Picklebums are a win with the kids because everyone knows that dinner tastes better when served on a stick.

12. Chicken burritos are my current quick and easy fall back meal that I know my girls will actually sit at the table and eat!

13. The Planning with Kids mexibake is one of Nicole’s most popular recipes of all time. It certainly gets the thumbs up at our house.

14. Fried rice is easy to make and so simple to vary with our variations for both the adults and kids.

15. Don’t ask me what it is about zucchini slice that makes it so popular with the little ones?! Give Retro Mummy’s version a try and let me know what you think the secret is!

What are your family’s favourite good, old fashioned meals that make it onto the table over and over again?

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  1. My kids would eat Planning with Kids Mexi Bake every night of the week if I let them… but I am glad to have this list for a bit more variety! LOL

  2. Lot’s of fab ideas here, I’m definitely adding some to my Good Food board, thanks :-)

  3. Love shepherd’s pie but I don’t make it that often — going to have to add it to the list!

  4. Kate is so right about kids eating anything if it is on a stick!

  5. Alyah Mohamad says:

    The tuna pasta link brings me to fried rice.. Is that correct?

  6. Dorothy Bell says:

    Fab reciepes Thank you Christie ,Happy New Year xx

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