Drawing for Kids: 12 Fun Drawing Ideas

Drawing for Kids: 12 Fun Kids Drawing Ideas

I am pretty sure drawing is akin to breathing for Immy! This kid would be happy to draw all day every day. Over the years we have explored lots of different drawing techniques and mediums and these are some of our favourites….

12 Really, Really Fun Ideas for Drawing with Kids

1. Ice + Ink = Really COOL drawing fun!

2. Make your own scratch art pages and have fun scratching!

3. Science meets art! Explore colour and light through your drawings with this cool technique.

4. Give your drawings a stained glass effect with this simple technique.

5. Dress up your drawings with a little nature collage.

6. We love rolling and shaping playdough but have you ever tried using it as a canvas for your drawing?

7. Use colourful dot stickers as inspiration to draw.

8. Set older kids a one line drawing challenge and see what they create.

9. Draw around your body (or part of it) and then choose one of these 5 ideas for decorating your body shape.

10. Cover the window with cellophane to add a whole new perspective to your drawing.

11. Draw on hessian (burlap) and then add a little stitched embroidery effect or dazzling embellishment.

12. GO BIG with a wall mural drawing.

Do your children enjoy drawing? What is their favourite drawing medium?

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  1. Thank you!! I love all of these ideas. So many wonderful activities I can do over the next week or two with the kids. Thank you again.

  2. YONG SIEW FUI says:

    I love the above activities

  3. What happened to the wall mural ? It would not come up!

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