12 Family Made Christmas Wreath Ideas

12 Homemade Christmas Wreath Ideas: Make a wreath as a family as a fabulous keepsake and tradition

We started the tradition of making a homemade Christmas wreath as a family three Christmases ago now – goodness, time flies! While we’re working on this year’s front door masterpiece I thought you might like some inspiration for creating your very own Christmas keepsake  and family tradition.

12 Homemade Christmas Wreath Ideas

Homemade Christmas Wreath Ideas: A fun family tradition

1. Our first ever DIY wreath effort was made with strips cut from magazine pages.

2. We followed up the following year with a Cardboard Tube Wreath and it was a big hit with visitors to our home.

Homemade Christmas Wreath Ideas: A fun family tradition

3. I am a little in love with the pretty Yarn Wreaths shared by The Craft Train over at Easy Peasy Kids.

4. This Stained Glass Wreath is very kid friendly and would look lovely hung in a window by the front door. Via In the Playroom.

12 Homemade Christmas Wreath Ideas

5. How delightfully fluffy is this Feather Wreath from Life Over C’s.

6. Our Popstick Wreath from last year was super sparkly and very modern! Gotta love that glitter!

12 Homemade Christmas Wreaths Kids Can Make

7. I love that the NurtureStore family used festive scented paint and the hands of every family member to make this Handprint Wreath.

8. Buggy and Buddy’s Torn Paper Wreath would be lots of fun for toddlers and preschoolers to make.

12 Homemade Christmas Wreaths Children Can Make

9. Oooh, I am sure this Scented Wreath from My Nearest and Dearest smells divine, and very Christmassy!

10. Or you might love this Orange Scented Wreath from The Mad House.

12 Homemade Christmas Wreaths Decoration Ideas

11. Slip a lesson in knot tying in with this Fabric Wreath from The Chaos and the Clutter.

12. Get snipping to create little paper snowflakes for a Snowflake Wreath. Via What Did We Do All Day?

Does your family have a favourite tradition at Christmastime?

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