Our Play Space: A Waldorf Play Kitchen

My small girl loves playing in our pretend play kitchen area but I must admit it’s become a bit cluttered of late. A peek inside this gorgeous kitchen play space has inspired me to move getting it sorted to the top of my to-do list!

Our Play Space: Waldorf Play Kitchen

Where is this playful space? Australia

Tell us a little about the people who play in this space
My daughter happily bakes cakes and makes cups of tea in our play kitchen ~ imitating the baking and tea making she sees in our kitchen. She wears her sweet little rabbit apron while playing. When she sees me sweeping, she will sweep alongside me, using her child sized broom. Often the table is set for tea parties with many dolls and teddy bears joining the fun!

Our Play Space: Waldorf Play Kitchen

What are you and your childrens’ favourite elements within this play space?
My daughter loves the wooden food. Setting up birthday cakes or making scrambled eggs. I adore the little oven, which has been re-purposed from a heater.

Our Play Space: Waldorf Play Kitchen

How does this space reflect your beliefs about how children play and learn?
The play kitchen gives my children the space to imitate real life activities. An important way they learn about daily life. It encourages imaginative play and this is the realm of the child.

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About Kelly of Happy Whimsical Hearts: My name is Kelly and I’m an Aussie Waldorf/Steiner inspired mum… I have three sweet children and we love to craft, bake and play! You can read about our Waldorf inspired days at Happy Whimsical Hearts and also follow along via Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. What a gorgeous play area! I am planning to create something like this for my daughter’s 2nd birthday! A gift that will last her for many years – I still have a ‘home corner’ for my class of 5 year olds and they love it!

  2. Love this and absolutely love Kelly’s blog!! It was one of the first that I ‘followed’ way back when and I still love hearing from Kelly! :) :)

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