7 Steps to (Simple) Green Living for Frugal Families

I know many of us feel a deep-rooted desire to simplify our lives – we think about de-cluttering, about being more frugal and living more greenly as a family. Fortunately there are simple ways families can work together to achieve these goals – just taking small steps to live a little more simply and mindfully can indeed save us money and help to protect our planet at the same time. It’s for this reason I am so thankful to Jo of Down to Earth Mother for sharing her wisdom with us, showing us how the (and which) small actions we make as a family can really make a difference.

7 Steps to Simple Green Living for Families

STEP ONE: 6 Ways to Save Money…While Saving the Planet
Jo kicks off our plan for living green with six suggestions for reducing your family’s impact on the environment, while saving cash at the same time. I call that a win-win!


STEP TWO: 8 Tips to Help You Remember Your Reusable Shopping Bags
Hands up if you always forget to take your own shopping bags to the grocery store? Me too! Such a simple step to take…if you can remember the bags. Jo shows us how.


STEP THREE: 19 Ways to Green Your Groceries
19 ways to turn boring old grocery shopping into something that supports a healthy planet, stronger communities and a more sustainable future for our children. Even those of us who can’t afford to buy organic can make choices that make a difference.

The One Bag of Trash Challenge

STEP FOUR: The One Bag of Trash Challenge
Jo says, “If you want to live more lightly on this earth, the first place to start is your rubbish bin.” With information on why our trash is so important and practical suggestions for how to reduce your refuse, this challenge could be a really fun way to get your family working together.

Help Children Want Less

STEP FIVE: 16 Ways to Help Children Want Less
Encourage your children to step off the hamster wheel of hyper-consumerism with these 16 simple suggestions.


STEP SIX: 10 Easy Green Habits Just For Kids
10 easy green habits just for kids (okay, they’re good for adults too!) and suggestions for how to get your kids on board with living green.

STEP SEVEN: Eco Fun Activities for Green Families
Good, GREEN fun connects your family to the natural world. Here are some fun ways to play green!

What steps are you taking to living more greenly and frugally as a family?

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