Make a School of Origami Fish: Easy Folding Instructions

Whether you make just one or a while school, you’ll have fun folding these origami fish! As origami requires children to slow down, to follow a sequence of instructions carefully and to use their fine motor skills, these origami fish are definitely a great challenge for school aged kids.

Easy fold orgami fish


I walked Immy (at 7 1/2 years of age) twice through the folding process slowly and then she was off on her own, folding a whole school of brightly coloured rainbow fish (this was working one on one, it would likely be different when working with a larger group).

Immy also had the awesome idea of decorate some of her fish with a Sharpie marker and then adding a craft stick to make puppets. We’ve enjoyed many fishy themed puppet shows since!

Origami fish puppets: How to Fold an Origami Fish. A fabulous craft for school aged kids.

If you are interested in making one or a whole school of origami fish, watch the video below for the how-to.

Be warned however, making them is more than a little addictive!

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  1. This looks like a great project for a 9 yr. old boy I have this summer in my daycare. He has been keeping busy with perler beads, and Spirograph. This will give him something new to do! Thank you!

  2. I liked the fish and it was pretty easy to me and the result was great and I love the cute fish now

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