15 Gorgeous Prints to Inspire Your Young Dancer

When we decided to give Immy’s room a mini makeover a few months ago, the first place I looked for artwork was Etsy. There I found a gorgeous print that I knew would be just perfect for the room of my pint-sized dancer. Then over one marathon 24 hours we applied a fresh coat of paint, completely rearranged the room, hung the perfect print and the result was one very happy and very surprised almost eight year old! If you have a young dancer in your family, be sure to check out Etsy for inspirational prints and posters for their special spaces. Here are 15 of my favourites…including the one I chose, it’s the first on the list!

15 Gorgeous Prints to Inspire Your Young Dancer

(shown left to right from top left)

Ballerina :: Paulrommer – this is the one we chose but this Etsy seller shares a whole series of gorgeous dance prints, you can see them all here.

Ballet Dancer :: Arty Migglet

Ballerina Watercolour :: Canot Stop Prints

Contemporary Dancer :: Beluga Store

Dancer Study ::HN Illustration

Ballerina :: Tatyana Ilieva

Ballerina :: Cherimoya Art

Ballerina :: Colorful Print

Dance :: Serif Design Studios

Dance If You Want To :: Peanut Oak Print

Dance to the Music :: Yumalum

Don’t Stop Dancing to the Music :: Sara Blue Creative

Keep Calm and Dance On :: Riley Jean Creations

You Are the Dancing Queen :: Lyrical Artworks

Dance + Sing :: MofEHome

Be sure to click through to check out the prints in each store, many include multiple dance related quotes or images, I just chose my favourite! Click through via the links above (these are affiliate links) to find out more about each print and each store.

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