15 Budget Ideas for Making Memories at Christmas

It’s so easy to feel that the money is just flying out of your wallet at this time of year – gifts, food, tree, decorations, school activities, out of school activities…to name just a few! In reality though, our children don’t want or need a Pinterest perfect Christmas, they want time, our undivided attention – they want to spend time making happy memories to last a lifetime. The saying, “Children spell LOVE T-I-M-E,” is so very true and today’s list includes a range of activities that are sure to fill your child’s love bucket and memory bank, while also being simple enough to organise with very little planning and kind to the hip pocket too. Enjoy!

15 Budget Friendly Ideas for Making Family Memories this Christmas

15 Budget Friendly Ideas for Making Memories this Christmas

1. Go for a walk or drive around your neighborhood in the evening to look at the homes adorned with Christmas lights.

2. Watch a new-to-you Christmas movie (or an old favourite) and stay in for a family movie night, popcorn essential!

HERE are some great family-friendly Christmas movies.

3. Pull out a favourite board game and spend an afternoon playing together – Christmas carols and pyjamas optional!

Here are some of our favourite family board games, and a fun Jenga hack for families.

4. Create something Christmassy and crafty as a family. There really is no excuse as anyone can manage paper snowflakes!

Try making a wreath or some Christmas cards or our very popular Name Snowflakes.

5. Head outdoors for some family fun time. A visit to the beach, a hike through the bush or make snow angels in the snow (depending which side of the world you are on!)

6. Cook or bake together.Make to enjoy together or to give as gifts.

Try our Stained Glass Cookies & Milk, Sweetheart Jam Drops or Christmas M&M Cookie Bars.

7. Take a family photo or make a video interviewing each family member about their favourite family memories from the year that was.

Here is a great list of festive photo taking ideas from Simple As That.

8. Visit the library and borrow some Christmas books to read together or start a new read aloud and read a little as a family each evening.

9. Hit up Google to find free, local Christmas community events in your area – nativity plays, carols, community movies and Christmas fairs.

10. Play charades with our printable Christmas Charades game.

11. Create a family time capsule.

12. Make a wish list for the new year together as a family.

13. Set up a hot (or iced!) chocolate bar with chocolate, marshmallows, candy canes, mini Oreos or Tim Tams!

14. Surprise your kids with  a video message from Santa care of Portable North Pole. Or keep an eye on the reindeer at

15. Have a permanent record of your child’s favourite Christmas memories (along with those of your other family members) by placing a notebook for everyone to write in under the Christmas tree. Bring it out again each year.

What would you add to the list?

15 Budget Friendly Ideas for Making Family Memories this Christmas


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