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Simple Kids Sewing: Sewing Rainbows

childrens sewing activities

Immy and I enjoyed working together to make this simple stitched rainbow to hang in her room. It is a great introduction to learning to embroider for kindergarteners (with guidance) or school aged children. You will need: Hessian Textas/felt tipped markers Embroidery thread Large, blunt … [Read more...]

Simple Kids Sewing: Sewing Flowers


We attend a great playgroup once a week and this was one of our recent creative projects - a cardboard flower with holes punched for threading a long length of wool through. I thought it was a great idea and immediately thought to make a more permanent version for Immy's sewing basket. So out … [Read more...]

Our Latest Simple Kids Sewing Project

Kids sewing projects

Since the success of our button sewing I have been looking for another simple sewing project for Immy. In our local haberdashery/craft store I found this stiff, plastic mesh sheeting (in all honestly I have no idea what it is called or what it is used for - please leave a comment if you can help me) … [Read more...]

Sewing Cards from Recycled Greeting Cards

Kids Sewing Cards from recycled Christmas or birthday cards

STOP! Before you put those Christmas cards into the recycling bin - okay, I admit, it's probably still a few days until you do that, right? - anyway, before you do, I suggest you save your favourites to make a set of simple sewing cards! Great for preschoolers and children in the early school years, … [Read more...]

Recycled Christmas Sewing Cards

Recycled Christmas sewing cards via Childhood 101

Do you save your Christmas cards once Christmas is over? I do and this year I decided to use some of last years cards to make some simple sewing cards for Immy. I predominantly chose cards with a single bold image that would be easy to cut, and therefore stitch, around. To make them a little … [Read more...]

Organising Kids Stuff: Tips for Storing Artwork

Organising kids stuff_childrens artwork

When I recently shared on Facebook and Instagram that I was storing Immy's artwork from last year I received a number of questions about what I keep and how I recommend storing kid's artwork. With my first book, Time to Create, due for release in just a few months (you can see it available here on … [Read more...]

Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers: Threading Hunt

threading activities

Immy loves threading and when I shared last week on the Childhood 101 Facebook page that Immy was threading, one friend asked where I had sourced the supplies we were using. Often before we begin, Immy and I have a 'threading hunt!' Looking for items from around our home that are suitable for … [Read more...]

Fine Motor Fun: Threading Mobiles


In Time to Create I talk about taking art activities outdoors as one way of stressing less about the mess. However less messy activities work just as well outdoors and today we set ourselves up on the picnic blanket in our backyard to do some threading. Threading is wonderful for fine motor … [Read more...]