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Playdough Fun for Toddlers: Making Impressions

Playdough fun for toddlers via Childhood 101

I was watching AJ play with a batch of homemade playdough recently and noticed that she was fascinated with making impressions in the dough with a flat, plastic playdough tool. Over and over again she pressed the tool into dough pancakes, snakes and balls, any piece of playdough she could find. This … [Read more...]

Creating with Ink & Ice Paint

Childhood 101 | Ink and ice painting activity

Creating with permanent marker and ice paint is lots of fun - the process and the results are all sorts of cool! Fun with Ice Painting When Immy came to me recently with an idea for an art project, I was surprised to hear that she wanted to make some ice paints as it is not something we have … [Read more...]

An Invitation to Create: Wire & Bead Sculpture

An invitation to create-Wire and bead sculpture tree from Childhood 101

Immy has recently enjoyed making small creations with thin wire and small beads and so one afternoon I set up a simple invitation to create consisting of a wire tree and an assortment of brightly coloured beads. An Invitation to Create: Wire & Bead Sculpture I created the tree with 26 … [Read more...]

Finding Flow with Daily Invitations To Create

Tips for Setting Up SImple Daily Invitations to Create

Today Megan of The Art Pantry shares her simple approach to involving children in creative art activities - with a daily invitation to create. As a children’s art teacher, I have always been interested in helping parents bring more open-ended creativity into their children’s lives. Many parents … [Read more...]

Quick Kids Art Ideas: Cellophane Window Drawing

Kids Art Ideas-Window Drawing | Childhood 101

So I have been squirreling away on a new bumper issue of Play Grow Learn which is due for release VERY soon! In preparation for a sensory play feature in the e-zine, we've been having fun with a large playroom window covered in sheets of brightly coloured cellophane. When I asked Immy if she … [Read more...]

Exploring Colour & Light: Kandinsky Inspired Mobile

Childhood 101 | Make Your Own Mobile 1b

When I saw how effective the Kandinsky inspired shapes we made for our last colour and light project looked, I wondered how they would work as a mobile. We once again used laminate sheets that were sealed closed with nothing in them and Immy decorated them with permanent, coloured markers - … [Read more...]

A Week’s Worth of Boredom Busters: Turn Off the TV and Play!

Childhood 101 | Boredom busters-a week's worth of activities for kids

This post is by regular contributor Ali Wright of At Home with Ali. More and more TV has been creeping into our lives again. We have even started using it first thing in the morning. I am not a morning person and it is so easy to turn on the TV when the kids are up early and all I want to do is … [Read more...]

More Than Pretty: Creative Arts as a Language of Learning

Childhood 101 | More Than Pretty - Creative Arts as a Language of Learning

Children’s artwork can be truly beautiful. Visually captivating. But more than being pretty, or even interesting, it can tell a story. Look intently as they create and you will see the child’s story unfold. Quite often he story of a theme or subject, and always the story of the artiste – a window … [Read more...]