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Art History for Kids: Children’s Books About Great Artists

Art History for Kids: Fabulous Childrens Books About Great Artists. 12 fabulous picture books that each explore the life and artwork of a master artist, each with a unique artistic style and view of the world. Children can learn so much about expressing their own thoughts and ideas from these masters.

Included with the 25 awesome activities in my brand ebook, Kaleidoscope: Hands On Explorations in Colour (and Color!), are four inspired by the work of great artists - Klee, Kandinsky, Warhol and Giacometti. I believe that studying the life and art of the masters is a fabulous way to help children … [Read more...]

Make a School of Origami Fish: Easy Folding Instructions

Easy fold orgami fish

Whether you make just one or a while school, you'll have fun folding these origami fish! As origami requires children to slow down, to follow a sequence of instructions carefully and to use their fine motor skills, these origami fish are definitely a great challenge for school aged … [Read more...]

Fun Art Projects: Create Your Own Decorated Tennis Shoes

Fun Crafts for Kids: Create Your Own Decorated Shoes

Miss 8 had decided (at least for this week!) that she wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up! Both my girls are all about sparkles and ruffles and pretty shoes! As I don't want to encourage an expensive shoe fetish (at least not too early), this DIY fashion project is a perfect compromise … [Read more...]

Kaleidoscope: Hands-On Explorations in Colour (and Color!) For Kids

KALEIDOSCOPE: Hands-On Explorations in Colour (and Color!) for Kids

I am so excited to share with you today a project that I have been squirreled away working on. I can honestly say I LOVE each and every project in my brand new ebook, Kaleidoscope: Hands-On Explorations in Colour (and Color!) for Kids (okay, and my kids love them too, but that's despite the point!) … [Read more...]

Kids Art Ideas: Tabletop Monoprinting

KIDS ART IDEAS: Tabletop monoprinting

Monoprinting is a form of printmaking where only a single image can be printed, unlike most printmaking techniques that allow you to make multiple prints of the same image. And tabletop monoprinting has to be one of the all time favourite art making techniques in our home. It's simple to do, uses … [Read more...]

Get Kids Creating & Writing: 21 Day Doodle Journal Printable

21 Day Printable Doodle Journal for Kids: Use doodles to inspire writing as an introduction to journalling for kids

Are you looking for a fun way to motivate your child to write? Today we have a project that will entice your child to pick up a pencil to draw AND write. The super cool thing about this project is that it isn't a one-shot writing prompt. You will find 21 days worth of doodling and writing prompts. … [Read more...]

Thumbprint Easter Egg Decorating

Thumbprint Art Easter Egg Decorating Idea

As I shared last year, Immy is a really enjoys making fingerprint art. It makes sense really, seeing how much young children love stamping with stamp pads - fingerprint art is such a perfectly natural extension as fine motor and drawing skills develop. With Easter not too far away we decided to … [Read more...]

That’s Not a Rainbow! 15 Totally Rainbow Art Projects for Kids

That's Not A Rainbow! 15 Totally Rainbow Art Projects for Kids

My girls have both been fascinated by rainbows from a young age, and that fascination has lead to rainbows being a subject of many of their artworks, especially their drawings and paintings. I believe for children the allure of rainbows lies in their mystery, after all the appearance of a rainbow in … [Read more...]