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Christmas Scratch Art & DIY Scratch Art Sheet Experiments

Kids Art Ideas: Christmas scratch art and experimenting with DIY scratch art sheets

Immy and I have had fun making our own scratch art sheets with oil pastels many times, however in the past we have stuck with the more traditional black scratching surface over a coloured background. When we decided to create some Christmas art using the scratch art technique we started out the same … [Read more...]

Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Creative Kids

Christmas stocking stuffer ideas for creative kids

As long time readers of Childhood 101 will know, the value of children creating is close to my heart (so much so that I wrote a book about it that you can see here). Every Christmas and birthday my girls receive art materials to encourage them to express their ideas creatively. If you know a … [Read more...]

15 Simple Spider Activities

15 Fun Spider Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Looking for some last minute Halloween inspired fun? These fifteen spider activities are sure to fit the bill - toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners will love them, and I am pretty sure that bigger kids will too, though they might not admit it! Be sure to let me know which one is your … [Read more...]

Printable Roll & Draw Spider Game

Printable Roll and Draw Spiders Dice Game

If you're looking for a last minute Halloween game for your kids or to play with your family, then look no further! This Roll & Draw Spiders Game promotes drawing, counting and thinking skills, plus it's just great fun. In fact, it's fun for any time of year...but particularly … [Read more...]

Folded Paint Monsters

Folded Paint Monsters: Creative Halloween fun for toddlers and preschoolers

Making folded paint artwork is fun for kids of all ages but I particularly love the smiles of delight you see on the faces of toddlers and preschoolers when it comes to the BIG REVEAL! So much fun! When AJ and I were recently making a series of folded paintings I just couldn't resist suggesting that … [Read more...]

Crayon Resist Leaf Rubbings

Kids art ideas: Crayon resist watercolour leaf rubbings

We have a giant mulberry tree in our front yard and as well as enjoying the berries when they are in season, Immy and I also like to look for interesting things to do or create from the leaves. When we noticed some nice big leaves on the tree recently we decided to experimenting with crayon rubbing … [Read more...]

9 Ways to Encourage a Child’s Creativity

9 Ways to Encourage a Child's Creativity

I love watching and listening to children as they come up with fresh ideas or create something new. When the project is right, their passion, enthusiasm and motivation for the task is exciting to observe. Children have great ideas and activities that develop the skills associated with creativity and … [Read more...]

Disney Inspired Fingerprint Art

Disney Inspired Thumbprint Art

Immy is a big fan of Ed Emberley's fingerprint and thumbprint drawing books so when I recently suggested we have fun experimenting with making some fingerprint Disney characters of our own, she was up for the challenge. And we had so much fun making these that it's become a regular experience at our … [Read more...]