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Invitation to Create: Sticker Drawings

Art for Kids Sticker Drawings | Childhood 101

An invitation to create is just what it sounds like - a simple collection of art making materials arranged in a thoughtful manner as an invitation for children to discover and create with. They take just moments to set up and encourage open ended exploration and art making. To set up this … [Read more...]

Fine Motor Fun for Bigger Kids: Ribbon Weaving

Fine motor activities for school aged kids_ Ribbon Weaving

When I asked Immy which project in the latest issue of BIG Kids magazine she was most inspired by, the woven Fibonacci Wheel was a clear favourite, she really wanted to give weaving on a circular loom a go. Over the next few days it was in the back of my mind to find something suitable to use … [Read more...]

Sewing Projects for Kids: Starting Out With Embroidery

Easy sewing projects for kids via Childhood 101

When I was pregnant with AJ, we were very aware of involving Immy in many of the preparations for the new baby's arrival. One of the ways we did this was inviting Immy to create special artworks to be framed and displayed in the baby's bedroom, including this wonderful embroidered piece. I … [Read more...]

Best of 2013: Kid’s Art Ideas

art project ideas for kids

The most exciting event of 2013 would have to have been the launch of my book, Time to Create: Hands On Explorations in Process Art for Young Children. Who would have thought that I would write a book?!? Certainly not me! The role of art and creativity as a vehicle for children to use to communicate … [Read more...]

Making Homemade Gift Tags with Kids

Christmas crafts for kids: Making homemade gift tags via Childhood101

This post is by regular contributor Pauline Soo of Lessons Learnt Journal. Paintball. I can’t believe years ago, I actually did stuff like that. I think youth, boys and plain ignorance were major contributing factors. My, how things have changed in the space of a decade or so. Now when I see … [Read more...]

The Time to Create Extrav-ART-Ganza: A Thank You!


2013 has been a huge year! Childhood 101 has continued to grow with lots of new readers and followers both here on the blog and over on Facebook, and even on Pinterest.  My book was published (!!!), something I never, ever imagined doing when I started this little corner of the interwebs almost five … [Read more...]

Playdough Fun for Toddlers: Making Impressions

Playdough fun for toddlers via Childhood 101

I was watching AJ play with a batch of homemade playdough recently and noticed that she was fascinated with making impressions in the dough with a flat, plastic playdough tool. Over and over again she pressed the tool into dough pancakes, snakes and balls, any piece of playdough she could find. This … [Read more...]

Creating with Ink & Ice Paint

Childhood 101 | Ink and ice painting activity

Creating with permanent marker and ice paint is lots of fun - the process and the results are all sorts of cool! Fun with Ice Painting When Immy came to me recently with an idea for an art project, I was surprised to hear that she wanted to make some ice paints as it is not something we have … [Read more...]