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Crayon Resist Leaf Rubbings

Kids art ideas: Crayon resist watercolour leaf rubbings

We have a giant mulberry tree in our front yard and as well as enjoying the berries when they are in season, Immy and I also like to look for interesting things to do or create from the leaves. When we noticed some nice big leaves on the tree recently we decided to experimenting with crayon rubbing … [Read more...]

25 Ideas for Rainy Day Family Fun

25 Things to Do With Kids on a Rainy Day

A week of rainy days at home with children can bring even the most patient parent to their knees...I know from experience! So next time the weather is miserable I'll be pulling out this list of 25 family fun ideas to remind me of the opportunity for some awesome family time despite the falling … [Read more...]

Join the #trustplay Challenge

Join the #trustplay challenge. Check out the weekly theme and share your photos via your favourite social media platforms to play. Find out more here.

Today I am issuing you a challenge. A challenge to trust play. And I am hoping you will join us! Play is so important to the development of children that it is included as a right for every child by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights. Play allows children to learn in a … [Read more...]

5 Nature Play Outings Kids Will Love

5 Nature Play Activities for Families

Today Caprice of Perth Kidz joins us to share five great nature play outings that your kids will love...with hand-picked suggestions that Perth-based families will love. 1. Visit a nature based playground Jump online and research nature based playgrounds in your local area. Look for … [Read more...]

9 Ways to Encourage a Child’s Creativity

9 Ways to Encourage a Child's Creativity

I love watching and listening to children as they come up with fresh ideas or create something new. When the project is right, their passion, enthusiasm and motivation for the task is exciting to observe. Children have great ideas and activities that develop the skills associated with creativity and … [Read more...]

9 Kid Approved Apple Snack Recipes

9 Kid Approved Apple Snack Ideas

My girls are more herbivore than carnivore so fruit and vegetables are regularly snaffled straight from the fridge! When it comes to apples though, neither are huge fans of plain apple, which is a shame, given that apples are often one of the cheapest fruits to buy down our way. Dress them up a … [Read more...]

Disney Inspired Fingerprint Art

Disney Inspired Thumbprint Art

Immy is a big fan of Ed Emberley's fingerprint and thumbprint drawing books so when I recently suggested we have fun experimenting with making some fingerprint Disney characters of our own, she was up for the challenge. And we had so much fun making these that it's become a regular experience at our … [Read more...]

7 DIY Dollhouses for Pretend Play

7 DIY Dollhouses for Pretend Play

My girls love imaginative play and over time we have managed to accumulate all manner of figurines in our toy collection - Schleich animals, dinosaurs and fairies, Sylvanian creatures, Lalaloopsies and Disney fairies to name just a few (I mean they LOVE imaginative play!) Of course, these characters … [Read more...]