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Connecting with Kids in the Kitchen: Nanny’s Sugar Cookies Recipe

Connecting with Kids in the Kitchen: Nanny's Classic Sugar Cookies Recipe

When my mother passed away I inherited many books, one of which was her old cookbook. You may be familiar with this sort of cookbook. It is not the kind you can buy at a bookstore. This cookbook started it's life as a spiral bound notebook. Over the years my mother clipped out and taped inside … [Read more...]

Connecting with Kids: Making Meal Preparation Time Family Time

Connecting with Kids: Making Meal Preparation Time Family Time

Time is the one thing I think we all feel a lack of as parents, I know that I certainly do. Sometimes finding quality time with my children can be challenging, especially when they often both want a piece of me at the same time. As a family we are time starved but preparing and eating meals together … [Read more...]

How To Make Potato Latkes

Best Potato Latkes Recipe for Hanukkah

When I worked in child care we were blessed to enjoy meals cooked by fabulous cooks from a number of different nationalities including Italian, Korean and Israeli. And I clearly remember the children's delight when our Israeli cook, Rachel, would cook Potato Latkes as a treat at lunchtime. Potato … [Read more...]

Christmas M&M Cookie Bars

Christmas M&M Cookie Bars Recipe

If your calendar looks anything like ours, December is looking much like a blur of end of year and Christmas celebrations! Not that it is my social life filling the boxes, it's all related to the kids school and after school commitments. Of course, many events require us to bring a plate so a great … [Read more...]

Snack Ideas: Homemade Fruit Bars

Lunch Box Snack Ideas: Homemade Fruit Bars Recipe

My daughter adores Apple Cereal Bars. In fact, she would live off Apple Cereal Bars and Orange Juice if I let her. Apple Cereal Bars are found alongside muesli bars in the supermarket and they are basically an oven baked pastry tube filled with a pureed fruit. Since Bear likes to have a cereal bar … [Read more...]

Kids Snack Idea: Homemade Biscuit Dippers & Berry Yoghurt

Homemade biscuit yoghurt dippers with berry yoghurt. Great snack or lunch box recipe idea.

These Biscuit Dippers & Berry Yoghurt make a great after school snack or lunch box treat. The berry yoghurt is super simple to make and can be easily adapted to utilise whatever berries you have in season and, to make things even more convenient, the biscuit dippers can be made ahead of … [Read more...]

A Harry Potter Themed Birthday Party

Harry Potter Party Ideas

My 8 year old loves the Harry Potter series! So when she asked for a Hogwarts Harry Potter themed birthday party, I knew it meant just one thing...a party at home! This party was a total hit but there was a fair bit of preparation before the party. The success of the party also hinged on … [Read more...]

Easy 3 Ingredient Lemonade Scones

Fabulous 3 Ingredient Lemonade Scones with Slow Cooker Recipe version

Scones with jam and cream, what is there not to love!!!? But if you are like me, your scones have a tendency to assume the identity of more of a rock cake...not quite the same! Well, not anymore. It's Lemonade Scones to the rescue. With just three ingredients, they cost about $2 a batch to make, … [Read more...]