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Introducing Solids: What Simply Works for Us


This post is by contributor Kate Fairlie of Picklebums. New and exciting things are taking place at our dining table these days. The smallest Pickle is beginning to move from the world of milk, milk and more milk to the wonderful world of food! There is lots of advice out there about when and … [Read more...]

Eating like a Cow: Breastfeeding & Cow’s Milk Protein Intolerance


This post is by contributor Naomi Cook.  Read about our regular contributors here. A pharmacy shop assistant once said to me “When you’re breastfeeding, think like a cow, eat like a cow. Eat green…” I smiled politely and sniggered as I walked away, how ridiculous I thought, babies need … [Read more...]

My Neverfail Toddler Meal: Homestyle Bangers & Mash

I know Jessica Seinfeld lay claim to the whole Deceptively Delicious idea but I can assure you that spending five years menu planning for a child care centre saw me become very adept at adjusting recipes with an eye to adding as much nutritional value as possible. One recipe that was always … [Read more...]

Super Sandwich Solutions

Simple sandwich solutions

I have been trying to encourage Immy to eat sandwiches for about 4 months now. She would eat a slice of bread or toast or the bottom half of a bun but not an actual sandwich. If I give her a sandwich she wiil pull it apart and eat the filling or lick off the spread. On Monday we went to a … [Read more...]

Toddler Eating: Tips for Picky Eaters

Toddler eating: Tips for Fussy Eaters from Childhood 101

In the five years I spent managing a child care centre, I worked with lots of parents worried about or frustrated with their young children's picky eating. Eating can be such an emotional issue for parents - they want the best for their child and worry when their child's eating habits change, when … [Read more...]


Last night my wonderful husband made an oven baked Lamb Ragout for dinner. The recipe we use includes plenty of Kalamata Olives. Immy devoured them, eating all of the olives in her serve, most of the ones from my serve and any left in the bottom of the pan. This got me thinking about the strange … [Read more...]