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Easy Dinner Recipe: Sausage & Rice Bake

Easy Dinner Recipe_Sausage and Rice Bake ft

This post is by regular contributor Kylie Gardner of Octavia & Vicky. Every Monday I get a sense of dread in my bones as I realise I need to plan the meals for the week. Again. Do these little people really need to be fed Every Single Day? Really? I actually love cooking (and I love … [Read more...]

3 Super Smoothie Recipes Your Kids Will Love

3 smoothie recipes your family will love

This is a sponsored post. My girls are both reasonably good eaters but as they are so active playing and learning throughout the day I am always mindful of packing as much nutritional value into each meal as I can. Which is one of the reasons I love including smoothies as part of our breakfast … [Read more...]

Kids Food: Gluten & Dairy Free Pikelets ~ Two Ways

Food for Kids: Gluten & Dairy Free Pikelets: Two Recipes

My girls both love to eat pikelets and I love how quick and easy they are to make. Perfect as morning tea, lunch box and after-school snacks, for those in countries unfamiliar with the delight of a simple pikelet - they are like a small hot cake or small, thick pancake. Here are two gluten, dairy … [Read more...]

Kids Lunch Box Ideas + Lunch Box Pasta Recipe

Lunch box pasta

This post is by regular contributor Kyrstie Barcak of A Fresh Legacy. I love to look at wonderfully creative images of lunch box ideas. I especially love the bento box style. I am positive that they would elicit a squeal of delight from any child who opens their lunch box to find such gorgeous … [Read more...]

12 Family Friendly Slow Cooker Recipes

12 Slow Cooker Recipes

As Autumn sets in and the days get shorter and the weather cools my mind turns to hearty, belly warming family meal ideas. Soups, stews, casseroles and curries start to make a much more regular appearance on our dinner table and our slow cooker becomes my saviour, especially on days when we are busy … [Read more...]

Easy Dinner Recipe: Chicken Kebabs

Easy Dinner Recipes Chicken Kebabs Ft via Childhood 101 02

I love easy, straightforward dinner recipes. The only thing I love more than easy, straightforward dinner recipes, are meals that my hubby cooks, and my children devour! This simple dinner recipe for chicken kebabs, I am pleased to say, hits the jackpot. It’s super easy, involves hubby cooking … [Read more...]

5 Family Friendly, Healthy Breakfast Ideas

healthy breakfast ideas

This post is sponsored by Coles. Well we did it and I am so glad we did! The #7daybreakfast challenge has certainly made breakfast time a whole lot more interesting at Chateau Childhood 101 – we’ve tried new recipes, found new favourites and put old favourites firmly back on the breakfast menu. … [Read more...]

What’s For Breakfast at Your House?

Homemade baked beans recipe via Childhood 101

This post is sponsored by Coles. I admit I am a bit of a breakfast tyrant. I like my girls to have a filling, healthy breakfast and I generally discourage packaged breakfast cereal (porridge excepted), especially on school days. As a teacher I believe eating a good breakfast is essential to … [Read more...]