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How To Make Potato Latkes

Best Potato Latkes Recipe for Hanukkah

When I worked in child care we were blessed to enjoy meals cooked by fabulous cooks from a number of different nationalities including Italian, Korean and Israeli. And I clearly remember the children's delight when our Israeli cook, Rachel, would cook Potato Latkes as a treat at lunchtime. Potato … [Read more...]

Christmas M&M Cookie Bars

Christmas M&M Cookie Bars Recipe

If your calendar looks anything like ours, December is looking much like a blur of end of year and Christmas celebrations! Not that it is my social life filling the boxes, it's all related to the kids school and after school commitments. Of course, many events require us to bring a plate so a great … [Read more...]

Mini Fruit & Pancake Stacks

Mini Fruit and Pikelet Stacks: Healthy Snacks for Kids, Parties, Baby Showers or Valentines Day

Pikelets (mini pancakes) are on regular rotation for morning and afternoon tea in our home. They are quick to make from scratch, free from nasties, and my girls will eat them with all sorts of different toppings. They're just easy! Plus, the girls love to help make them too. Immy can pretty much … [Read more...]

The Best Chocolate Peppermint Bark Recipe Ever

Chocolate Peppermint Bark Recipe

This will be the fourth Christmas since my youngest sister moved to live overseas. If ever there is a time to miss those you love who you can't be with, it's Christmastime. My sister is a great cook and I remember the Christmas before she moved she shared some delicious peppermint bark she had made. … [Read more...]

4 Ingredient No Churn Gingerbread Ice Cream – Two Ways

4 Ingredient No Churn Gingerbread Ice Cream. So simple to make and deliciously festive.

Ice blocks, icy poles, popsicles, iced lollies, in cones or on a stick.  If you are like us and spend most of your Christmas break trying to escape the heat and stay cool you don’t mind how your frozen treats are presented as long as they are icy cold.  But if you live on the colder side of the … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree Cakes

Christmas tree cakes and one bowl cake recipe: Cooking with kids

These little Christmas tree cakes are perfect for older children to make by themselves and for younger children to help bake and then decorate.  They make a great take-along dish for class breakups and Christmas get-togethers as they are easy to prepare and look super cute. In fact, they also make a … [Read more...]

Christmas Cookie Bars

Christmas Cookie Bars Recipe

We have so many end of year celebrations on our calendar at the moment - an end of school morning tea, Christmas carols picnic, dance school breakup, just to name a few.  As each event requires us to bring a plate, I have been looking for ideas for new recipes for take along foods.  I also need to … [Read more...]

3 Fun Easter Snacks for Kids this Holiday Season

3 Healthy Easter Snacks for Kids

This post is sponsored by Colgate. It’s no secret I have a sweet tooth! I am a chocoholic from way back and Easter may just be my favourite holiday on the calendar. Truth be told I have already indulged in an egg or five myself this year :) But it seems I am not alone! In its recent research, … [Read more...]