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50 Lunch Box Snack Ideas Printable

50 lunch box snack ideas for kids printable

After three years of packing school lunches I have to admit that it can be easy to get stuck in a rut with what you offer your each day - and for some kids that is okay, some children really like to eat the same food day in and day out, but my school girl she likes a bit of variety. Unfortunately, … [Read more...]

25 Homemade Lunch Box Treats


I am always looking for new ideas for what to include in Immy's school lunch box and, when I can get my act together, I personally much prefer any treat foods to be homemade. My girls are both really into baking at the moment so I see a big bake up with the kids in my immediate future thanks to … [Read more...]

12 Budget Busting Hacks for Your Home

12 Budget Busting Hacks for Frugal Living

1. Simplify your collection of cleaning products. I use vinegar as a general purpose spray, to clean floors, as a window cleaner, as rinse aid in the dishwasher, and in combination with bicarb to clean the oven, shower and drains. Visit The Organised Housewife for a fabulous list of 20 uses for … [Read more...]

Cooking with Kids: Cheese Puffs

Cooking With Kids: Cheese Puff Recipe

My girls both love helping in the kitchen and these Cheese Puffs are simple enough for my toddler to make! They make a great afternoon tea snack or lunch box treat. Cheese Puffs Recipe You will need: Puff pastry (we used two sheets) 1 egg 1 tablespoon water Cheese, grated (you can use … [Read more...]

Kids Food: Gluten & Dairy Free Pikelets ~ Two Ways

Food for Kids: Gluten & Dairy Free Pikelets: Two Recipes

My girls both love to eat pikelets and I love how quick and easy they are to make. Perfect as morning tea, lunch box and after-school snacks, for those in countries unfamiliar with the delight of a simple pikelet - they are like a small hot cake or small, thick pancake. Here are two gluten, dairy … [Read more...]

Kids Lunch Box Ideas + Lunch Box Pasta Recipe

Lunch box pasta

This post is by regular contributor Kyrstie Barcak of A Fresh Legacy. I love to look at wonderfully creative images of lunch box ideas. I especially love the bento box style. I am positive that they would elicit a squeal of delight from any child who opens their lunch box to find such gorgeous … [Read more...]

Easter Recipe: Delicious Fruit Scrolls

Easter Recipes: Delicious Fruit Scrolls. Great for morning or afternoo tea, or lunch boxes.

This post is by regular contributor Kyrstie Barcak of A Fresh Legacy. For the last couple of years I have been working on perfecting a Hot Cross Bun recipe. In my opinion last year’s white chocolate and cranberry buns were as close as I will get to doing that so this year I have been … [Read more...]

Lunch Box Ideas: Toasted Ham & Cheese – the Non Soggy Version

Lunch Box Ideas for Kids: Unsoggy Toasted Sandwiches

I feel a little silly posting this - after all, I am sure you all know how to toast a sandwich! However a school mum friend of mine recently noticed  I was sending toasted ham and cheese sandwiches in Immy's lunch box and asked, "But, don't they go soggy?" So I thought, if there is one mum who would … [Read more...]