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Art Projects for Kids: Rug Painting

This post is by Carrie George of A Little Learning For Two. Recently I overhauled our girl’s play area which we also use as a therapy room for their occupational and speech therapy exercises. I try to keep their space organised and not too overwhelming, but also fun and vibrant. When it came … [Read more...]

21 Fun & Fabulous Pretend Play Spaces for Kids

Long time friends of Childhood 101 will know that Immy loves imaginative, pretend play in all forms. With AJ showing many signs of following in her big sister's footsteps I have been thinking about ways to transform the dramatic play corner of our playroom to encourage a range of pretend play … [Read more...]

18 Ideas for Decorating Kids Spaces With Bunting

I must admit to being a big lover of bunting. I love how versatile it is and how many different, gorgeous variations there are to make. I love to hang it to decorate our home for birthdays and holidays, and think it is perfect for decorating kids bedrooms and playrooms. So I have collected together … [Read more...]

Our Toddler Room Makeover + 7 Budget Tips for Decorating Kids Spaces

This post is sponsored by White Knight Paints. Thanks to White Knight Paints our toddler room makeover is complete. Through the process I have learnt that I am certainly not a natural interior decorator! However armed with a palette of pinks, yellow and mint green to play with (as shared in our … [Read more...]

9 Kids Art Space & Storage Ideas

I recently received a comment on a creative play post on the Childhood 101 Facebook page asking how people store their art and creative play supplies so I reached out to some of my blogging buddies asking them to show us their kid's art spaces and storage ideas. So here they are -  9 great kids art … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: Natural Beach Living

The first time I saw the Natural Beach Living playroom I was inspired to completely rearrange our own playroom at home. It is truly a beautiful space for children to play and learn in and I am excited to feature it this week on Our Play Space. Our Playroom/Schooling Room Where is this playful … [Read more...]

Kids Rooms: Make Your Toddler’s Room Pop!

This post is sponsored by White Knight Paints. I have a little confession to make. Something I have been feeling terrible about … you see, the truth is I never actually got AJ’s nursery finished. Where Immy’s room was totally ready weeks before she was due, AJ is nearly two and her room is as bland … [Read more...]

Our Play Space: Creating A Space to Write

In this edition of the Our Play Space series the spotlight shines brightly on a fabulous writing space for children that I know you'll love. Enjoy! A Child's Writing Space Where is this playful space? Victoria, Australia Tell us a little about the people who play in this space This was … [Read more...]