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Exploring Colour & Light: Kandinsky Inspired Mobile

Childhood 101 | Make Your Own Mobile 1b

When I saw how effective the Kandinsky inspired shapes we made for our last colour and light project looked, I wondered how they would work as a mobile. We once again used laminate sheets that were sealed closed with nothing in them and Immy decorated them with permanent, coloured markers - … [Read more...]

Encouraging Imaginative Play: Play Kitchen Inspiration

Childhood 101 | Imaginative Play-Play Kitchen Inspiration

Imaginative play based on their own life experiences must be one of the most loved forms of play for toddlers and preschoolers. At 15 months, AJ's has adopted a small doll of Immy's as her regular companion - she loves to cuddle and kiss it, push it around in her wooden trolley, and pretend to feed … [Read more...]

Our Family Home: Planning With Kids

Our Family Home featuring Planning With Kids

When I asked a group of online friends who they would love to see featured on Our Family Home, the name Nicole Avery popped up more than once! Otherwise known as the Planning Queen, Nicole is the mum of five and master organiser behind the successful Australian blog and book of the same name, … [Read more...]

Creating a Space of Their Own: Displaying Kid’s Treasures

Childhood 101 | Displaying Childrens Artwork

A packet of 3M Velcro Strips and her choice of wall space was all we needed for the next stage of Immy's bedroom makeover. She had a collection of treasured artworks that she had been keeping which were way overdue in being hung. She decided which area of wall she wanted to hang them in and the … [Read more...]

Creating a Space of Their Own: Tape Art Monogram

Childhood 101 | Tape art monogram project for kids

I often reflect on Randy Pauch's story for many reasons but most recently I have been thinking about how his parents encouraged him to decorate his own bedroom. While I am not quite ready to hand over the paintbrush completely, I asked Immy if she would like to make some changes to how her room … [Read more...]

Organising Kids: Sorting and Storing Baby & Kids Clothes

Sorting and storing kids clothes

Since Immy was a baby wearing those adorable teeny, tiny onesies that she was too big for way too soon, I have used this  system for storing the clothes she grows out of in the hope that one day she would have a sibling to hand them down to. Its a simple system, certainly not rocket science but … [Read more...]

Back to School: Organising Kids Spaces

organising kids rooms

Part of our getting organised for starting school strategy has involved re-organising Immy's closet. I have written before about my preference for comfortable, practical play clothes for young children so until now most of Immy's clothes (tops, shorts, leggings, skirts, jumpers, even many of her … [Read more...]

Popular Posts of 2011: Places for Kids to Play


This week I will be highlighting some of the most popular posts from the 350 published in 2011. Rating consistently in the popularity scales were posts sharing ideas for creating, organising and decorating kids play spaces. Posts like; Sharing Our Kids Art Space (and the update) :: Dramatic Play in … [Read more...]