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Our Everyday Play: Loose Parts for Creative & Imaginative Play

imaginative play

Matchsticks and story stones I am a big fan of open ended toys, toys that allow a child to respond in a myriad of spontaneous, unstructured ways. Fortunately these resources don't have to be expensive. In fact, a collection of everyday bits and bobs can provide preschoolers with hours of creative … [Read more...]

Back to School: Organising Kids Spaces

organising kids rooms

Part of our getting organised for starting school strategy has involved re-organising Immy's closet. I have written before about my preference for comfortable, practical play clothes for young children so until now most of Immy's clothes (tops, shorts, leggings, skirts, jumpers, even many of her … [Read more...]

Back to School: Getting Organised + a Giveaway!

back to school tips

As much as it's breaking my heart (I am so not ready!), we have slowly started getting organised for Immy starting kindy. One of the hardest changes for us is going to be getting out of the door, into the car and to school on time! I am not much of a morning person (and cannot even imagine how I'll … [Read more...]

Popular Posts of 2011: Places for Kids to Play


This week I will be highlighting some of the most popular posts from the 350 published in 2011. Rating consistently in the popularity scales were posts sharing ideas for creating, organising and decorating kids play spaces. Posts like; Sharing Our Kids Art Space (and the update) :: Dramatic Play in … [Read more...]

Creating Children’s Spaces in Every Corner of Your Home

Tricia 1 kids desk

This post is by regular contributor Tricia Hogbin of Little Eco Footprints. We don’t have a single dedicated play space in our home. I prefer having little child-sized play spaces scattered throughout and aim to create a home where spaces appeal to adults and children alike. Sharing spaces make … [Read more...]

In the hotseat! Join us for a Facebook Chat!


Do you have a question about young children's play, art or learning? Now is the time to ask as I will be in the hotseat over at the Planning With Kids Facebook page this Tuesday! Details are as follows; Chat with Christie of Childhood 101 and Nicole of Planning With Kids Tuesday, 28th June, … [Read more...]

DIY Kids: Puppet Stand

puppet stand

On the weekend, Dad 101 got busy with a quick and easy project that has been on my to do list for a little while now. A piece of wood (ours is 42cms x 20cm), a broomstick cut into seven lengths and seven screws... ... became a puppet stand. An easy way to organise our theatrical friends! Do … [Read more...]

Tips for Cleaning House with Young Children in Tow

Kleenex Viva Shower Wipes

Immy cleaning her bathroom shower screen with a Viva Shower Fast Wipe I am a big believer in involving young children in household chores (that are suitable to their level of development) as I believe that these early experience can help to instill positive habits for healthy living for many years … [Read more...]