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In the hotseat! Join us for a Facebook Chat!


Do you have a question about young children's play, art or learning? Now is the time to ask as I will be in the hotseat over at the Planning With Kids Facebook page this Tuesday! Details are as follows; Chat with Christie of Childhood 101 and Nicole of Planning With Kids Tuesday, 28th June, … [Read more...]

DIY Kids: Puppet Stand

puppet stand

On the weekend, Dad 101 got busy with a quick and easy project that has been on my to do list for a little while now. A piece of wood (ours is 42cms x 20cm), a broomstick cut into seven lengths and seven screws... ... became a puppet stand. An easy way to organise our theatrical friends! Do … [Read more...]

Tips for Cleaning House with Young Children in Tow

Kleenex Viva Shower Wipes

Immy cleaning her bathroom shower screen with a Viva Shower Fast Wipe I am a big believer in involving young children in household chores (that are suitable to their level of development) as I believe that these early experience can help to instill positive habits for healthy living for many years … [Read more...]

Family Organisation Tips from Nicole Avery of Planning With Kids

Planning with Kids Front Cover Full

Today I welcome talented blogger and recently published author, Nicole Avery of Planning with Kids, to talk to us about her new book and her top tips for being organised at home as a family. Be sure to read on for details of an exciting opportunity to ask Nicole your very own questions and the … [Read more...]

Organising Kids Spaces: Our Book Corner

Organising Kids Stuff: Book Corner

Do you have a special space for books in your home? A special chair or a cosy corner? Somewhere comfortable to snuggle up and read together? A place to revisit with favourite 'friends' and to celebrate new discoveries?  To share a giggle or a BIG adventure? I have posted before about my … [Read more...]

Literacy Spot #10: Labels


Labelling might seem like a very simple literacy project but toddlers and preschoolers have a natural preference for order through sorting, arranging and classifying, so as well as being a fun way of introducing your child to purposeful literacy this project has the added benefit of appealing to … [Read more...]

Simple Secrets for Getting Out of the Door on Time With 3 Kids in Tow

Getting out of the door on time

My family and friends will tell you that I am not a morning person. When I used to work outside of the home I would snuggle in bed through two, three or even four snooze settings on the alarm clock before jumping out of bed at the last possible moment and dashing to the shower before scrambling out … [Read more...]

14 Ways of Keeping Kids Clutter Under Control


Today the Childhood 101 Mums share 14 tips for keeping the plethora of kids stuff which clutters our home just a little more organised. What are your favourite ways to keep the kids clutter under control? *If you are reading this via RSS or email you will need to click through to the post to … [Read more...]